As a runner, training during pleasant weather is the highlight of any run. This is apparent in movies where the runner is enjoying a leisurely pace either at a sunny beach or a peaceful trail with majestic mountains in the background.

Non runners imagine a romantic setting of epic proportions. For the most part, runners do train in gorgeous settings in nature, such as Lake Chabot in northern California. But the truth of the matter is this: those with a passion for running are willing to run in any location. There’s something inside of them that has to run, regardless of the weather.

For those who are serious in their commitment to this timeless sport, running in foul weather is a given. Though far from enjoyable, running in rain, wind, and snow is par for the course. These individuals able to train day after day, regardless of the weather.

The test comes during the cold and rainy months. Suddenly a run at five in the morning in December is more difficult than in the balmy weather of previous months. But after a bit of a warm up and donning the proper gear, the runner is ready to tackle the world again.

Of course, the steady rhythm of their favorite music plays a crucial role in making the run possible. Everything is more enjoyable and easier with music. Magically, instead of dreading the frosty air and muddy trails, the music seems to take the runner to another place, somehow insulating him or her from the worst of the inclement weather. This is where willpower, commitment, and a pair of ear buds mark a true aficionado from the hobbyists.

So all of those attributes help out a runner. What doesn’t help is when the ear buds get wet from the rain. Or when snow causes the roads to get slippery so the runner must take extra care. But we’re talking about the rain here, so a solution to the snow will have to come at a later date. Let’s go back to the problem of rain.

Rain places a cruel damper on those needing to get in their daily run. Often the sight of rain means less enjoyment: either the runner must get out there without his or her beloved music or not run at all. What a terrible situation.

But there’s a simple solution. Runners can still run in the rain with the innovation of waterproof ear buds, like those found at Scroll down the page and you’ll see an amazing assortment of audio devices for everyone. There are beautifully designed devices to meet anyone’s need. However, the item we’re interested in, the waterproof ear buds, are the ones that ensure a run is possible no matter what, although a pair of high quality Bluetooth headphones have their place in the home too. But let’s not digress.

Never again will the runner groan upon seeing the gray clouds in the distance or those fat drops of moisture coming down. The runner will simply suit up and go about business as usual. He or she will start or end her workday with feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and euphoria. The opposite is true when a run isn’t possible: anxiousness, disappointment, and guilt are the usual culprits.

So the next time the weather threatens your workout, consider possible tools and gadgets to solve your dilemma. Not working out at all isn’t an option, but finding smart tools to assist you is a smart solution.  It seems as if there’s an invention for everything. The most difficult part will be choosing the actual product, but at least you can still follow through on your workout. Regardless of the rest of the problems in the world, now there’s a simple solution to bad weather raining (pun intended) on your music-fueled run.