Many people get issues when they try to use automation because they fail to follow the cardinal rules of Instagram automation. These rules are meant to help you avoid getting your account shadowbanned or suspended due to suspicious activities that are noticed by the algorithm. What you need to do is to follow these cardinal rules to stay safe.

You Shall Not Use Multiple Bots at the Same Time

Using multiple bots on the same account at the same time can make you get banned from the platform. So, be aware of this risk and stick to a single tool that will take your Instagram automation to greater heights.

Don’t Be Too Greedy

Greed is everywhere. On Instagram, greed is all about trying to get the fastest results in such a short time. Instagram expects your account to grow in a certain way if you do things faster than the expectations you stand to ruin the account.

So, if you churn out a lot of followers suddenly yet your account is still fresh, you raise the suspicions of the algorithm, and you risk losing the account.

To balance it all out, make sure you put up great content, lots of it, use proper hashtags, follow the right posting schedule and the automation service will surely boost the account and take the results to a new level.

Know Your Target

You cannot just wake up one morning and decide to automate your Instagram account; you need to have a target. First, know the kind of person you need as a follower. Are you after fashion enthusiasts, foodies or beauty queens? You also need to understand the kind of audience that will love your stuff.

The next thing about knowing your target is to understand the location you are targeting. If you have a business in the locality, it won’t make sense targeting people in another country yet you can’t deliver the items to them. Instead, it would make a lot of sense to target the people in the local area that are on Instagram.

To make your hashtags work in line with the automation, you need to know your competitor. Find out what they are doing and if possible grab some hashtags from them. You will be grateful at the end of the day when you see the results.

Don’t Forget to Unfollow

Instagram gives you a limit of 7500 people to follow. To use the bot properly, the best strategy is to have an unfollow function so that you keep your followers to the best quality.

The good thing is that you can get a bot to do this easily for you. Check out the best Instagram automation tools you need for 2018 to get an Instagram bot that can do this for you without putting your account at risk.

Don’t Push the Tool Too Much

The automation tool is developed with a goal in mind – to keep the account safe from the risk of banning. Therefore you need to know your limits, depending on the kind of account that you have. The numbers speak for themselves, for instance, if you get 200 likes per post, it would be bad of you to push 5,000 likes in just an hour – you need to grow the actions gradually and slowly. It is usually better to use the automated recommendations that come with the tool because the tool uses the data from your account to determine what to do.

In Closing

When it comes to automation, you need to follow a few tried and tested rules to stay in the clear. Anything more and you stand to get the account suspended.