The Perfect Latte

Latte’s and cappuccino’s are something that all of us can grow to love, especially if you’re the type of person who absolutely loves drinking coffee. It’s a nice change when you compare the taste to that of a regular cup of coffee, but how do you go about making the perfect one? There’s obviously a few different variables that could be taken into account here, and I’m going to talk about them a little bit. This article should help open your mind up to some new ideas when it comes to both latte’s and cappuccino’s You might have gone out to your local coffee shop and ordered one that you though was amazing, and now it’s time to try and mimic that taste in the safety of your own home.

If there’s one thing I really enjoy doing, it’s taking part in a latte while I’m at home relaxing. Latte’s are more of a relaxing drink, as opposed to coffee (which tends to have you fired up and ready to go for whatever is about to get thrown at you). There’s nothing wrong with that, obviously, but you’ve got to remember that a lattes still have caffeine inside of them. This means you’re not only still going to get a boost to your energy levels, but it’s going to taste great while you do it. Cappuccino’s or Latte’s that have espresso inside of them are especially sought after, as those are tasty and energy-inducing. Making the perfect latte is something that I’ve always thought was important, because I’m a connoisseur of sorts. I love drinking the stuff, so obviously I have to love making the stuff, right?

Why Should You Care?

Have you ever ordered a cup of coffee or a latte from a coffee shop, only to realize that they completely destroyed your order? If you you want to make me angry, the only thing you have to do is mess with my morning shot of energy. If you don’t make my latte or cappuccino properly, I’m going to throw a hissy-fit (well, more like an adult temper tantrum, really). We’ve all seen it, there’s that one person in line who keeps sighing minute after minute, all the while you’re thinking “I’m sitting here too, man”. They need their coffee, and you need your coffee; so why would you sit in a large line to get it? I made sure to scour the market for equipment that would help me handle this problem, and I came across and abundance of different cappuccino and latte makers.

Some were of the highest quality, whereas others were a little lackluster in specific areas. All you need to know is that there are machines out there that will allow you to make cappuccino’s for yourself, and that’s a god-send to some people.

The Right Machine

Keurig is one of the more common brands you’re going to see on this market, they produce a lot of equipment that helps people make latte’s and cappuccino’s within their homes. They’re looked at as being a relatively high-quality company, and although the taste can leave something to be desired in specific instances, the Keurig RIVO R5000 is still a pretty neat piece of equipment. You can check out the item a little bit more on Espresso Gusto, which is a website that dedicates itself to items like this one. The perfect machine is going to be one that’s both affordable and easy-to-use, because you want latte’s that won’t take an hour or so to prepare (well, I mean I know I do). The right machine is going to vary from person to person, so weigh your preferences and try to make a decision that way.

These machines save time, and in most cases, money as well. They also provide you with: 

  • A reliable source of latte’s
  • A sigh of relief – knowing a barista isn’t going to butcher your latte has never felt so sweet
  • Customization, because you’ll be able to make your latte’s exactly as you would like them
  • Many different flavors and treats to try for yourself – maybe even for a first time!

Making the perfect latte or cappuccino is easier than ever these days, so I guess you could thank the modern advancements we’ve had in technology for that. We might not have hover cars, but we sure do have the ability to make an amazing cup of cappuccino!