More and more women in their 20s and 30s explore the benefits of botox injections, whether they are trying to overcome fine lines and wrinkles or they are just aiming to prevent them. While such operations were mostly directed to celebrities a decade ago, they have become extremely affordable lately, so everyone has access to them. From this point of view, a little education will work a very long way. Check out the botox solutions at in London and convince yourself about the benefits of these injections, regardless of your age.

A lot of newbies may not necessarily understand the reasons to inject a toxin into their faces or other parts of their bodies. Besides, it implies paralyzing particular muscles, only to reduce the apparition of wrinkles. Sometimes, botox injections are also mixed with wrinkle fillers, but this is not always the case. All in all, the truth is that “failing” to overuse those muscles will keep them in a fresh shape for a long period of time. Obviously, you will not take botox injections forever, so even if you do it now, your muscles will maintain their integrity as you age too. It does not matter if you take injections between your eyebrows, in your lips or any other part that needs remodeling. So what happens once you are done?

The first minutes after botox injections

The first minutes after taking a botox injection will not be the most comfortable ones in your life, but they will not be too problematic either. You will obviously feel a pinch, but luckily, most doctors rely on all kinds of numbing creams or gels in order to reduce the small discomfort. The strangest part is the missing feeling of moving the respective parts. If you get injected between the eyebrows, your entire forehead will be numbed. The area will feel a little light, while you feel like you got no control over its movements. It takes a little to get used to it, but you will. You do not have to worry if you see a few blood drops either, since they are perfectly normal.

Some people might experience a mild headache during the respective day, but this is only a natural body reaction. A mild painkiller will solve this issue. Most doctors ask their patients to keep ice packs around the injection site, only to prevent bruising. Even if the area looks swollen, it is only a temporary effect though.