When beginning your career as a social media influencer, the first platform to jump on in Instagram. This is because the platform offers unmatched engagement levels and better ways to get followers compared to other platforms.

Being a visual platform, you don’t have to explain yourself in so many words to get the following you want. All you have to do is to post an image that communicates your message and come up with an insightful video about a topic.

Since nearly every person is on the platform, it is a great place to start with the idea of growing a beneficial following.

Today we look at top hacks to boost your following. Remember that the number of followers that you have determines your stand in the niche. It also makes you look more attractive to potential followers. Here is how you can triple your following in just 30 days.

Have a Hook

Ask yourself why someone will stop following someone else and decide to follow you in the first place?  Before you come up with a marketing strategy, you need to settle on a niche and come up with a theme. The niche is the kind of category you want to be part of, and it determines the content you share with your audience.

You can decide to address celebrity fashion or mental health, all you need to do is to make sure you come up with an identity, something that will make your stand out.

The hook is the thing that makes you stand out from everyone else. This can be your business, or something about you, as long as it makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Know What the Followers Want

You need to understand your audience so that you can align your content and any other tasks towards their satisfaction. Knowing what they like and the content that they are commenting on is a way to increase your following.

You get to know the kind of information you can offer and in which way. It is not each day that you know what the audience wants and be ready to offer it, which is why Instagram is a good place to start marketing your products and services.

Know what Your Competitor is Up To

Remember that when it comes to marketing, knowing what the competitor is doing can be worked to your advantage. Take time to understand what the competitor is doing and not doing, so that you can customize your strategy towards winning his followers to your side.

You can do this by checking out the posts the competitor puts up as well as know the reaction of his audience to these posts. As an influencer, your competitor is another influencer in the same niche who offers similar services to yours.

Know Who to Follow, and Unfollow

Following and unfollowing people is one way to make your following grow. Following someone sparks some interest in them to follow you back or check out your content. Unfollowing others is one way to remove those followers that aren’t active on your page, and who aren’t ready to help you achieve your goals.

Getting the people to follow can be a huge task, which is why Spire goes ahead to talk about Mr. Insta, a service that provides free and paid followers for your account.

In Closing

Take time to understand what you need in terms of followers and then go ahead to use these tips to get the right number of followers to promote your marketing goals. The right number of followers makes you famous in such a short time.