4 Reasons Why Travelling via Minibuses Is a Good Idea

Because you are about to have a week off from work, you decide to de-stress by heading to one of your dream destinations. You call your friends and ask them if they are willing to join you on your trip. After you hear a series of YES from the other end, you rejoice!

After ensuring you have enough money for the trip, you start planning. You pack your bags. You create an itinerary. You book hotels.

More importantly, you tell yourself that you are all set. Then again, are you?

It seems that you have no plans regarding your means of transport. If you may think that hailing a cab (that can take you to multiple sites during your trip) is a solid plan, you may want to re-think.

Here is a list of reasons why travelling via minibuses is a good idea:

1: Security Is a Given

First off, you should remember that security is imperative. By travelling via a minibus, you can assure yourself that your security is one of the top priorities of service-providers.

Minibuses, after all, should pass technical inspections first prior to official operations. This means that these minibuses on the streets were able to ace industry-standards and are in excellent condition. Minibus operators also have an obligation to send the minibuses up for regular maintenance and inspection. Thus, you can rely on them not to break down in a traffic-heavy street or have one of their seats damaging unexpectedly.

Most of these minibuses even grant insurance to their passengers. Thus, if a roadside accident happens, your ride has your back.

On top of that, you will feel secure in the presence of minibus drivers. Because they are professionals, they follow roadside regulations, obey traffic rules, and make rest stops.

2: Comfort Is Yours

Another good reason for you to travel via a minibus is the promise of comfort. When you are on a minibus, you do not have to settle. Low-quality seats, poor air quality, and even the absence of entertainment are not something you should be okay with when travelling.

Worrying about getting inside a bus that lacks seats for members of your travel group should also be out of your mind. While some just have 10, 15, or 20 seats, other minibuses can accommodate more than 30 passengers! Besides, if a minibus is full, you can always just go on the next available one.

Moreover, the design of minibuses is likely to adapt to every passenger’s needs. Thus, it is your privilege to board a minibus with top-of-the-line features. You can choose to hire a minibus that has reclining chairs, radios, DVD players, refrigerators, air-conditioning systems, and more!

3: Hassle-Free Travel

A hassle-free travel is also a benefit of a minibus. You should consider the benefit of a hassle-free time because it is an element in a memorable travel experience.

After you go to a minibus hire service-provider to get information regarding your rides, all you usually need to do is to show up at a certain time and at a certain stop. Simply put, just be ready a few minutes before departure time and you are good to go!

Cabs (and if you do not have connections to dedicated cab drivers), for one, can be stressful. Sure, you can just hail a cab when you need to go from one destination to another; however, what do you do during instances when there are no cabs on standby in your destination? In such a case, you may need to spend minutes – if not hours – of waiting.

Additionally, if you are (or a travel buddy is) in a wheelchair, choosing a minibus is the more practical option. After all, some minibuses, welfare buses as you can also call them, feature wheelchair lifts. This lets you attend to your friend’s special needs. Clicking this link will direct you to a website that offers commercial minibuses with wheelchair lifts!

4: More Affordable

Lastly, travelling via a minibus is relatively affordable. Compared to travelling via a cab, a private car, and similar means of transport, travelling via a minibus is about 50% cheaper. The prices of minibus trips are usually set, too. This means that for a long period, these prices tend to remain at a specific price range. For example, if the prices are around £20 for a ticket from Stop A to Stop B, you can rest assured that those tickets will cost around that price range for a while.

If you are travelling by group, service-providers that offer minibus hire are worth approaching. As a group, you can avail of big savings. All the members of the group can travel together, too!


Dealing With Storage and Hotel Stays As a Student

Dealing With Storage and Hotel Stays As a Student

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Have you ever been forced to move all of your belongings to a storage unit while waiting for tenants to move out of your new place? And because you are essentially homeless, albeit temporarily, you’re forced to rent a room at a hotel until the home is available. I know how crazy this sounds, but this is a normal occurrence for many college students when their leases are up.

I wish I could say it gets easier each time, but each experience is just as stressful and frustrating. The only positive part is understanding the process.

I’ve moved every year since I moved out of the dorms. If only leases were renewable so I didn’t have to find a new place to live each year, but that’s the way things work in some college towns.

However, rather than complaining about what I can’t change or cursing the situation, here are some ways I’ve learned to cope with the process so it’s not so stressful.

Dealing With Storage

So first let’s deal with the mini move to the storage unit. I always look for a company that provides twenty-four hour access and is centrally located, like Smartlock Storage. I used a different company for a previous move, and that location locked up at sunset. Now that was an inconvenience.

Besides the ability to enter by way of a gate code, I appreciate companies that provide monthly pest control spraying, online bill pay so I can pay from my phone or computer, and month-to-month leasing. Facilities with cameras and security guards would be ideal, but I haven’t found a storage company that provides this yet.

The Hotel Stay

While living in a hotel for a few days, or weeks in some cases, isn’t ideal, if you pretend that you’re a tourist on vacation that may help speed up the wait time. Consider it an opportunity to experience your city through new eyes. Or if it’s a new city to you, take advantage of the time to explore.

If playing tourist doesn’t interest you, you can always decorate the hotel with familiar items so it feels more like home. My pillow always travels with me, and I like to place a few framed photos on the nightstand.

Or you can simply rest before dealing with the craziness of a new semester. Take the time to catch up on the sleep you lost while you stayed up late with friends.

Also consider the positive aspects of hotel living:


    • someone makes your bed and cleans your living area daily


    • fresh towels, sheets, and miniature toiletries


    • free meals and ice (some hotels even provide breakfast and dinner. A few even have kitchenettes available if your prefer cooking your own food.)


Coordinating the Move

A day or two before the move-in day, make sure you figure out how you’ll take your items from storage. Bring help if necessary.

Also, don’t forget to communicate with your roommates and the landlord of your new home to confirm the date and time of the move. There’s nothing more awkward than arriving at the location while the previous tenants are still there.

In addition, if you and your roommates arrive together, you’ll have help with the heavier items. Moving is much more tolerable with friends.

Once the walk through is complete and the rental agreement is signed, you can start adding personal touches to your new home, such as photos and wall decor. No matter how long you’ll stay at the home, it’s important to make your living space as enjoyable as possible.

Moving is never easy, particularly if you’re stuck waiting on others. Try to see the positive aspects of the situation. Or just chalk it up to another life experience. The more you’re able to adapt to situations and make the most of them, you’ll grow in character and perseverance.

Dealing with this type of situation is just practice for the real world. If you can handle moving successfully, you’ll be a step ahead of many others.