The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is more popular now than it has ever been. This is because people have become more aware of the positive effects of juicing. Yes, you can easily buy fresh juice in supermarkets or cafes but it is great to make your own juice at home. When you drink your freshly made juice, you are getting more of the nutrients than you would from a shop bought juice.

To enjoy more of the benefits of juicing therefore, I recommend you buy your own juicer. There are 3 main types of juicer, citrus juicer, centrifugal juicer, and masticating juicer. It is important that you buy the type that will suit your needs because hopefully you will be using it for years to come. For help deciding on the right model for you, go to Juicer Cruiser and check out their reviews and buying guides.

Now that you know what type of juicer to buy, what are the benefits that you get from juicing?

Improves Your Health

The first benefit you will get from juicing is that it provides you with a plentiful supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These nutrients are all essential for your body and support good health in many ways. Some of their main functions include acting as antioxidants, boosting the health of your blood, keeping your immune system strong, protecting against chronic diseases (such as cancer and diabetes), supporting your vital organs, and strengthening your bones. If you juice regularly, you’ll be giving your body all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs and you will be giving your overall health a significant lift.

Juices Give You Nutritional Value

Of course you can, and should, also be eating fruit and vegetables. When you eat fruit and vegetables, your body extracts the nutrients during the digestive process. However, some of these nutrients are naturally lost and excreted during this process. This means that you don’t get the full nutritional value from the fruits and vegetables that you eat.

This is one of the advantages of juicing fruit and veg. Juicing extracts these health boosting nutrients into liquid which makes them much easier for your body to absorb. As a result, you lose fewer nutrients when you juice, and you get maximum nutritional value from the fruits and vegetables by juicing.

Enjoy Your Fruit & Vegetables

Although we know that we should eat a variety of fruit and vegetables we don’t always do this. Mainly because there are some fruits and vegetables that you don’t like. No matter how many ways you try to cook them. Another great thing about juicing is that it allows you to benefit from the nutrients in fruits and vegetables that you would never consider eating whole. If there are certain fruits and vegetables you don’t enjoy eating, simply throw them in your juicer with some of your other favorites and you’ll get all their nutritional value in a great tasting glass. Spinach is a great example. Many people don’t like eating it cooked, but it is great in a juice.

Quick & Easy

Juicing can be a great replacement for a meal when you just don’t have the time or the inclination to cook. It doesn’t take long to chuck a few pieces of fruit and veg into your juicer. In a few minutes you have a healthy and great tasting juice.

Juicing Helps Keep You Hydrated

Most of us just don’t drink enough water. We try our best but sometimes that is just not good enough. Since juices are primarily water, regular juicing is a great way to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is essential for good health and by being properly hydrated you allow your body to efficiently flush toxins out of your system and also ensure that all your cells and vital organs function optimally. Plus, those people who think that water is boring will enjoy drinking a lovely tasting juice. Don’t overdo it though. You do need to drink some water.

If you’re not juicing already, you’re missing out on some serious benefits. While it’s not a complete replacement for whole fruits and vegetables, it’s a fantastic way to top up on additional nutrients and enjoy a greater range of health benefits. So find a great juicer and start filling up on tasty, natural, nutrient packed juices today.

5 Tips to Living with Pets Without Pet Hair Problems

Summer time and the living’s easy – right? For many pet owners, changes in season mean a noticeable increase in pet hair.

Instead of dreading the extra shedding, we’ve got some easy tips for you to enjoy your pet’s love and company without all the clumps of hair around your home.

Caring For Your Pet

    1. Groom Your Pet Regularly

Many pet owners believe that it’s only long hair dogs and cats that need regular grooming, mostly to address the tendency of fur matting and clumping. The truth is, even short hair pets benefit from a regular brush or comb through.

This action not only keeps their coat healthy, it also gets rid of excess hair. You may use a brush or a gentle, finely-toothed comb to get to the root of a pet’s coat and remove extra fur. Many pet owners choose to use gloves with bristles right on them to make their pet feel comfortable, especially if it is easily scared or suspicious of new objects.

Another great way to keep your pet’s shed-quota down to a minimum is to consider regular professional grooming and even possibly shaving them for the summer months. This is a great idea if your pet is an outdoor cat who likes to roam or a big dog who loves to be outdoors. Getting rid of a luxurious but heavy coat in the summer can help your pet stay cool while your home will stay relatively fur-free.

    1. Train Them Firmly

While this tip doesn’t necessarily reduce pet hair all over, training your pets is still an important to establish boundaries and keep key places of your home fur-free.

You can use a combination of treats as a reward, light water sprays or sprays on the furniture itself to dissuade pets from coming up on them or using the surfaces as grooming posts.

It might be tempting to have your pet cuddle with you in bed but keep these boundaries firm and consistent. Your pet will definitely learn where he or she is allowed over time.

    1. Go To The Root Cause

They say that the key to a pet’s shiny coat is through diet – and they’re absolutely right. However, you can adjust a pet’s diet to address extra shedding as well. Encouraging a healthy coat through an organic diet that is free of by-products and fillers can do more damage to a pet than simply affect their fur.

If the excess shedding is a cause for concern or you see your pet itching themselves more than normal for their fur length, see scratches or bites on their skin, it may be a medical issue. This is something you can treat through medication, either digestible or through sprays for their fur.

Caring For Your Home

    1. Bedding

Keeping bedding and sheets free of pet hair is a tough thing to do but, with a little bit of persistence and some elbow grease, it’s absolutely doable. For pillows, blankets and bedding, use a dryer sheet to remove excess dog hair. Use the sheet like you would a dry duster, running it on the bedding. Added perk: your bedding will always smell laundry fresh!

    1. Couches and Living Rooms

For couches, use a damp rubber glove and run your hand over the surface of the upholstery. Wash out the glove and run it again until all fur has been eliminated. You can also use some throws to put over the couch as these can be easily washed intermittently.

Meanwhile, to keep your floors clean, you can use a premium device such as a quality vacuum cleaner made for your type of flooring. For hardwood floors, a dust mop is good, in combination with the vacuum, while a damp mop (not wet!) is best for tiled floors.

    1. Carpeting 101

Last, but certainly not the least, is carpeting. Carpeted floors and areas require consistent vacuuming. But owners may find that this doesn’t give them the kind of spotless clean they’d like. So ,a good trick is to spray the carpet, working in sections, with a light mist of water. Take a damp sponge and gently mop this area. This will clump and easily gather the hair so you can vacuum with more precision and effectiveness.

6 Things You Need for Your Next Home Spa Day

Having a spa day is a fun event to plan for girls night or just for yourself. You don’t even have to book services and wait for an appointment at the spa. You can get started right away with massages, nail maintenance, and facials. All of the pampering services that you get at the spa can be on your list to do in the comfort of your home. Just gather a few essentials to pull off the perfect spa day.

Foot Spa

Pedicures are a must for spa days, so of course you’ll need a foot spa handy. You’re probably already familiar with foot spas from the earlier days in nails salons and spas. Those days are long gone at most shops, but they’re still relevant and convenient to use at home. It goes the extra mile with massagers and vibrations that you wouldn’t get from just a soak in a regular foot tub. You’ll be happy to rest your feet and wiggle your toes in a foot spa at home.

Sugar scrub

You’ve got the feet covered. Next, you should focus on the legs. Sugar scrubs are a great way to exfoliate your skin. It helps to gently peel away dead skin to give a soft, glowing appearance. A good scrub will have ingredients like coconut oil and green tea that are all natural with benefits for healthy skin. Get your legs in good condition on spa day with a sugar scrub full of yummy ingredients.

Gel polish

You’ll be spending your precious time recreating a spa experience. Make sure you put in the same effort with a good quality polish. Gel polish is the best way to go with nail color. Designed to create a protective coating over natural nails, this polish has a two step process similar to regular nail polish. With each coat, you’ll place your nails under a UV lamp to dry. Once the clear top coat has dried and the process is done, the gel polish won’t smudge, crack, or peel.

If you don’t want to go through buying the UV lamp, you can still find a good gel polish in the stores that doesn’t require the lamp. You can get at least two weeks of wear from a gel polish. Some can wear it even longer depending on the growth rate of their nails. Traditional polish tends to chip and fade much faster. If you’re going to do a manicure on spa day, you may as well do it right with a good gel polish.

Massage Chair

If you want to make your spa day as close to the real thing as possible, a massage chair is a must. It’s as close to having your own personal massage therapist as you can get. With the right chair, you’ll literally feel like hands are moving across your body. A massage chair like the is affordable and has all the right settings to control the amount of pressure and speed. If you’re able to get a chair with different massage styles it’s sure to please everyone. This sweet gadget will put you and your friends in a relaxing mood on spa day.

Facial masks

Don’t forget about your face on spa day. It needs some rejuvenation too. Though good skin comes from healthy internal habits, you must keep impurities from the external layer too. There are a plethora of facial products for cleansing, scrubbing, peeling, and moisturizing. You just need to be careful in your selections if you plan to have spa day guests.

Get information ahead of time to find out if any of your friends have sensitivities. See if they have special preferences or stick to all natural products to be on the safe side. Making facial products at home would be another fun activity to add to the event. If you have concerns with skin issues, ask everyone to bring their own favorite products.


What’s a spa day without getting a few drinks flowing to help you relax during your spa treatments? You can get as fancy with it as you like, but a few good wines will do just fine. This is also a fun time to try out some mixed drink recipes or daiquiris. To add to the snack list, you can also serve gummy bears soaked in liquor in lieu of Jell-O shots. Martinis are also good drinks for spa days.

When it’s time for a day of pampering, make sure you have all of the right goodies on deck. Get high quality equipment to make your spa day close to the real thing. Good nail and skin care products will also help you look and feel you best long after your day. Take care of yourself and your guest, and have lots of fun with these six essentials on spa day.

How to exercise right

There are two different types of people in the world and these two camps are pretty firmly set in stone. You are either a fitness freak that does push ups for fun and thinks that a ten mile run is just a warm up. Then there are the rest of us. Us mere mortals for whom getting up to run to the fridge is enough exercise to get a sweat on and be breathing heavily for months afterwards. It may not be a good thing, but that is the sad state that many people are in in this day and age. 

Fortunately for all of us that are slightly, shall we say, larger than life, there are a good number of people who are not and are in good enough shape that they can be used as inspiration for everyone else to get into some semblance of shape. It turns out, that after doing some research you can break down getting fit into three main categories! 


Learning the exercises

You can be an absolute novice or someone who has been hitting up the gym for years, there are plenty of exercises you can do. To start with, you will need to do some cardio to initially lose any podge you may have residing around your midriff. Cardio can come in many forms and includes running, walking, cycling, rowing, climbing or basically anything else that gets you up and moving for an extended period of time. Once you build up a semblance of fitness it makes everything else a hell of a lot easier! So let’s assume that you have managed to lose some weight and things are starting to look up. Now you want to go for that killer six pack or get biceps as big as your head. This is where the weights element comes into play. If you are a newbie then you should start on lower weights as there is no point in risking injury and sooner than you know it you will be lifting the big heavy ones anyway! The key tips here are to remember to work all the muscles in your body and not just the glamour ones that people can see, and making sure you know what you are doing as if you don’t things could go quickly and badly wrong!


Eating the right foods

This is the area where many people fall down. They will go on a run or to the gym but they will come in and think that they have “earned that pizza” or tuck into a big tub of ice cream as a well done for working out. Things don’t work like this unfortunately and you will not see any gains if you still eat rubbish. The best thing to do is to ensure the majority of your food is low in calories and you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need. A good way to do this is to have a green smoothie every day as this will do all of the hard work for you and clean out your system whilst it is at it. There is nothing wrong with having the odd treat here or there bit you have to limit yourself. Portion sizes are key, and if you just ignore what goes into your body you will not be pleased with the results you get back from it!


Your own dedication

Without this you really will get nowhere. There is no point in being the type of person who will go to the gym once or twice and think that is enough. Those mornings where it is freezing cold and the last thing you want to do is drag yourself out of bed to run are the ones when you need to do it the most. If you aren’t dedicated to achieving your end goals then you will get nowhere in your attempts to improve yourself. Make a diet plan of which meals you are going to have each day and when you are able to treat yourself, get a friend on board so you have a gym or running partner. It doesn’t matter how you encourage yourself, you just have to do it. So get up and get active!  

Types of Rowing Machines Explained

Air Rowers – Air rowers are sometimes referred to as flywheel and fan rowers. Air rowers are powered by the resistance of moving a fan against air. The resistance on some rowing machines can be altered by adjusting a damper, such as the Concept 2 range, but on most other air rowing machines the intensity is increased by rowing faster, as you would if you were rowing on water.

Magnetic Rowing Machines – Magnetic rowers are designed to give you a smooth rowing action throughout your workout with the option of selecting variable resistance. They are generally a lot quieter than other types of rowers.

Water Rowers – Water rowers are designed to emulate the dynamics created by a boat in water. Waterrower were the first company to produce the innovative water-based rowing machine in 1988. The Waterrower uses a unique design to create resistance that replicates real rowing much more realistically that most other rowing machines available today.

As you use water resistance when using a water rower, you get a super smooth, realistic action according to Row Flow that gets harder the more your push and the longer you exercise, just like rowing in real life. You’ll also find the build quality to be superb on your water rower.