Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel

Your 5-Step Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel

We’ve all heard of someone who started a YouTube channel, gained a ton of followers, and made a bunch of money on advertising. Like with so many get-rich-quick ideas, the reality is more difficult than it sounds on paper. Gaining a YouTube following can take years of perseverance, and at least a little bit of luck. With these tips and tricks, however, you can be on your way to starting a professional-looking YouTube channel that has a good chance of success down the road. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Decide Your Niche

There’s a difference between getting viewers to enjoy a video and getting followers on a YouTube channel. Followers are invested in your channel and want to see that content you come up with on a regular basis. In order to gain followers, you need your YouTube channel to have a consistent feel to it. It should tonally stay about the same, and it should definitely have a topic, though the topic can be broad, like “parenting,” or narrow, like “hunting knives.” The narrower your topic—or niche—the less competition you’ll have for followers, but keep in mind that if you go too niche, you may not have any followers to be competing over.

Step 2: Invest in Some Equipment

In business, they say that you have to spend money to make money. If you’re just creating a YouTube channel for fun, you may not need anything more than your smartphone to make it work, but if you’re actually hoping to gain a following and make money down the road, you need to invest in some equipment to create high-quality videos. At a minimum, you want high-quality audio and high-quality video so that your viewers can enjoy your video without squinting or straining their ears. A vlogging camera will produce a much better video than the camera on your smartphone. Look into some inexpensive boom mics to enhance your audio quality as well.

Step 3: Create High-Quality Videos

To get someone to follow your channel on YouTube, you have to prove that you’re worth following. Though there is a quantity aspect to this, and you should definitely be creating your videos on a schedule, high-quality videos are key to getting a following. You want to show that you consistently produce the best videos in your niche. This means that your topic should be well-researched and that you should put thought into each of your videos to ensure that they have meaning for your audience, not just for you.

Step 4: Search Engine Optimize Your Titles

In order to gain followers, people need to see your YouTube videos. With so much competition on the web, it’s increasingly difficult for a new channel to get the viewers it needs to attract a following. Search engine optimization is the act of writing content, such as your YouTube titles and descriptions, in a way that search engines like Google will find your videos and know which viewers to show them to. The best way to do this is to consider what you might type into a search engine if you wanted to be presented with your YouTube video. What problem does your video solve for the viewer? That should be your title—that way, when someone types that problem into Google, they’re more likely to be shown your video.

Step 5: Advertise

The final and most important step to building any business is advertising. You can’t just put your video on YouTube and expect to amass a ton of viewers. Tell your friends and family about your channel, and link to new videos on your social media accounts when you upload them. If you have a blog, you’ll want to link your YouTube videos there as well. You can also go to forums about your niche and make connections there so that you can help direct the right types of viewers to your videos down the road.

Wedding Memories

7 Top Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful with activities such as finding the venue, the right outfits, reaching to out to guests and ensuring that everything goes on as planned. The activities can be overwhelming, and some couples end up having average weddings because they wear out before the big day comes. Your wedding does not have to be generic and an everyday experience to your family and friends. You should have a ceremony that will always be fresh on the minds of the guests forever. The following are the simple tips to make your wedding more memorable and unique.

Sending invitations

I know you have received quite many wedding invitations and they look the same from far. One thing about generic invitations is that they always have a pre-designed template that you fill some details and send it over to your guests. Such invites can get boring but adding a creative touch can make a huge difference. Employ your creativity and give your guests a reason not to fail to attend your ceremony. Being creative does not mean that you should incur a lot of money on the invitation or make it fancy. Just give the guest a personal touch to show them that you are addressing them as individuals rather than a group.

Creative guestbook

Signing a guest book is an important part of the wedding ceremony so that you can evaluate the attendees in future and offset pending bills. Most weddings will have a traditional guest book where guests will append their signature. Not many people will ever remember that they signed a guestbook, but if it is unique, it will always be on their minds. If you are traveling enthusiast, you can let your guests sign on a globe. You can also have a map of your area or country and let the guests sign against their places of residence.

Seating arrangement

When you attend most of the weddings, you will note that the sitting arrangement is always predetermined. There will be a section for the couple and their maids and best men, parents and family sections and the friend’s section. You can challenge the conventional sitting arrangement and come up with a unique arrangement that will make everyone feel like part of the ceremony. You can have the seats arranged in a circular pattern surrounding you. Such an arrangement will make the event more intimate and will ensure that every guest has a good view of you.

The cake

Do you want people to remember your wedding as the one having six layers of cakes? Such a feature will not make it memorable because they may have attended another one with twelve layers. It is not the size of the cake that will make the wedding memorable, but it is preparation and theme around it. If the two of you love camping, think about cake decorations around that theme. If you are a fan of biking, the theme of the cake can also be around that. Allow your creativity, tastes and preferences inspire the theme, and the event will always be memorable.

Superb entertainment

Most people use weddings as a platform to shower you with praises and say how much you are caring and loving. It is a good session but having wedding-themed entertainment will make the wedding one of a kind. You should have a professional company entertain you and your guests during your big day. Having a wedding singer who understands different wedding set ups is one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding. You can have someone who can play souls, pop, disco, and rock songs and let you have the best moment of your life. Do not let the fun slip as you can check it out for yourself and see what makes a great wedding singer and evaluate what suits your wedding ceremony.

Aisle style

A custom aisle will make your ceremony unique and different from the rest. Most people just splash flowers all over the place and think that the aisle will appear to be amazing which is not always the case. If you do not want to spend so much on the aisle, you can decide to arrange the flowers in particular patterns. You can also include important dates and photos from the past as milestones on the isle. Such photos will create a lasting memory in the minds of the guests and help them create a mental image of your love journey.

Arrive in style

For a long time, limousines have always been viewed as the ultimate vehicles for ferrying the bride and groom. These vehicles are elegant, but they also seem to be so common, and as such, they do not seem to create an excitement nowadays. What about a horse-drawn carriage or a trolley? Seems like a good idea as long as the two of you agree that they are good for your ceremony. You have to consider the design of your outfit when choosing your grand entry means. It can be embarrassing when decide to peddle a bicycle while you are wearing an outfit that is very tight.

There may be other ideas to make your wedding memorable but the above all the main ones. You can even decide to have an outfit change to suit the occasion. Some clothes are fit for the altar while others are most suited for the reception. You can also decide to have a traditional or modern wedding ceremony depending on your upbringing and tastes.