Instagram Marketing: Automation Best Practices

Many people get issues when they try to use automation because they fail to follow the cardinal rules of Instagram automation. These rules are meant to help you avoid getting your account shadowbanned or suspended due to suspicious activities that are noticed by the algorithm. What you need to do is to follow these cardinal rules to stay safe.

You Shall Not Use Multiple Bots at the Same Time

Using multiple bots on the same account at the same time can make you get banned from the platform. So, be aware of this risk and stick to a single tool that will take your Instagram automation to greater heights.

Don’t Be Too Greedy

Greed is everywhere. On Instagram, greed is all about trying to get the fastest results in such a short time. Instagram expects your account to grow in a certain way if you do things faster than the expectations you stand to ruin the account.

So, if you churn out a lot of followers suddenly yet your account is still fresh, you raise the suspicions of the algorithm, and you risk losing the account.

To balance it all out, make sure you put up great content, lots of it, use proper hashtags, follow the right posting schedule and the automation service will surely boost the account and take the results to a new level.

Know Your Target

You cannot just wake up one morning and decide to automate your Instagram account; you need to have a target. First, know the kind of person you need as a follower. Are you after fashion enthusiasts, foodies or beauty queens? You also need to understand the kind of audience that will love your stuff.

The next thing about knowing your target is to understand the location you are targeting. If you have a business in the locality, it won’t make sense targeting people in another country yet you can’t deliver the items to them. Instead, it would make a lot of sense to target the people in the local area that are on Instagram.

To make your hashtags work in line with the automation, you need to know your competitor. Find out what they are doing and if possible grab some hashtags from them. You will be grateful at the end of the day when you see the results.

Don’t Forget to Unfollow

Instagram gives you a limit of 7500 people to follow. To use the bot properly, the best strategy is to have an unfollow function so that you keep your followers to the best quality.

The good thing is that you can get a bot to do this easily for you. Check out the best Instagram automation tools you need for 2018 to get an Instagram bot that can do this for you without putting your account at risk.

Don’t Push the Tool Too Much

The automation tool is developed with a goal in mind – to keep the account safe from the risk of banning. Therefore you need to know your limits, depending on the kind of account that you have. The numbers speak for themselves, for instance, if you get 200 likes per post, it would be bad of you to push 5,000 likes in just an hour – you need to grow the actions gradually and slowly. It is usually better to use the automated recommendations that come with the tool because the tool uses the data from your account to determine what to do.

In Closing

When it comes to automation, you need to follow a few tried and tested rules to stay in the clear. Anything more and you stand to get the account suspended.

When Do You Need Expert Auto Locksmiths?

Local car locksmiths are a specialized group of professionals whose importance has been overlooked until now. Many electricians and auto mechanics try to dabble with it but soon they find that it is not as easy a task as they initially thought – they need experts.

Working with an expert assures you that you have your work in the right hands. Local car locksmiths have the capacity to repair any issue with your lock or key and make it possible for you to go your way in the shortest time possible.

Car manufacturers have taken car security a notch higher, and as we speak, current vehicles come with the latest in terms of security features. The need to make your car as secure as possible has led to technology such as transponder keys; laser cut keys and car alarm systems that make the car more difficult to hotwire.

While all the high-tech security is good for you, it comes with a serious flaw. With all the complicated security, it means that when a problem arises, it is tough resolving a challenge on your own. Instead, you need to work with a local locksmith to assist you. This is where vehicle entry locksmiths, Ripon and beyond, come in.

When Do You Need a Car Locksmith? 4 Scenarios That Arise

There are various scenarios that arise and call for a car locksmith. To make use of these locksmiths, you need to make sure you have the number of the local auto locksmith on speed dial so that you don’t get stranded just because you don’t know who to call late in the night.

You Have Been Locked Out of Your Car

This is the most common situation that begs for the services of the auto locksmith. You aren’t alone in such a situation, in fact, thousands of people in Ripon experience this issue, and their solution is usually a call to a locksmith.

Thankfully the mobile team of locksmiths is certified to help you in a car lockout scenario. The whole process takes a few minutes, and you are on the way to your destination.

It doesn’t matter the kind of vehicle you drive or how old it is, the technician understands what to do, and will make sure you are on the way to your destination. So, if you need vehicle entry locksmiths, Ripon North Yorkshire offers the best for your needs.

Broken Key

As you use the car key to open the door or boot, you wear it down gradually. With time, you run the risk of the key breaking within the lock. When this happens, you cannot open the car however much you try. What you need to do in this situation is to stop tinkering with the lock and call in an expert. Continued tinkering makes the problem worse, and it might damage the lock as well.

The local locksmith comes with all the tools to remove the key safely from the lock without as much as a scratch on your car. After all this, the locksmith comes up with a new key for your needs.

Faulty Lock Replacement

If the lock is damaged or aged, it becomes a security issue, and it might lock you out or provide access to thieves. When this happens, you need to have the lock repaired or replaced. The locksmith comes and evaluates the damage, and he alone can advise you whether you need a new lock or the existing one can be repaired. Depending on the situation, the locksmith performs the task and makes sure you have a lock that provides the security you need.

Key Replacement

Do you need to replace a lost, damaged key, or would you love to have a spare key for your car? Well, when it comes to this, you need to work with a locksmith that can do this for you. The locksmith handles several types of key replacements including smart keys, proximity keys, car remotes, transponder keys and retro car keys. The good thing is that the key you need is made within a matter of minutes so that you don’t waste time on the task.

How Does it Work?

When it comes to problems with your car keys or lock, you need to call in the right locksmith to assist you. A call to the local service puts you through to a customer representative that will take down your details. The details that you need to give include the nature of the problem, where you are located, and when you need the work to be done. So, for expert vehicle entry locksmiths, Glossop Derbyshire has the right ones for you.

After giving the required information, a locksmith is dispatched to your location. The locksmith checks out the issue and gives you a quotation. He then handles the task for you.

In Closing

The need for auto locksmiths is rising. Call us to inquire about our services, and have out contacts to call us anytime to handle the issue at hand.

Buying a Table Saw

Table saws are now more popular with the home DIYer. Many people are considering them for maintenance around the house, or for woodworking as a hobby. Times are changing, and they are now quite a popular woodworking tool. To learn more about table saws visit The Sharp Cut and check out their reviews on the best models available.

What is a Table Saw?

As the name would suggest it is a table with a circular saw blade sticking up through the middle of it. The wood lays across the table and a motor drives the saw blade to cut through the pieces of wood. The depth of the cut can be changed by moving the blade up or down depending on whether you want a deep or shallow cut. Many people consider table saws to be more dangerous than other electric saws. The difference with a table saw in comparison to other electric saws is that you are not directing the actual saw but you are just controlling the wood.

Types of Table Saw

There are 3 distinct types of table saw which all have different features:

  • Cabinet saw. Usually the most expensive type, the cabinet saw is large and heavy. It is made up of the saw on a cast iron table. The motor is between 3 and 5 HP and it uses 220-volt electricity.
  • Contractor’s saw. This is the portable option and is much lighter than the other two. The table is made of aluminium. The motor is normally less than 1 ¾ HP and it uses 110-volt electricity.
  • Hybrid saw. The hybrid is a mix of the cabinet and contractor’s saw. The motor is less than 2 HP and it uses 110-volt electricity, but some models can also use 220-volt when available.

Features of a Table Saw

Table saws are made up of severalunique features. You should decide upon the features that are important to you.

  • The weight of the table keeps the table saw stable. Cabinet saw tables are made of cast iron, contractors saws are aluminium, and hybrids are both cast iron and aluminium.
  • This also distinguishes between the different types of table saw. The fence is the bar on the table saw. It guides wood as it moves through the circular saw blade. It must stay parallel to the blade at all times and should be easy to adjust. The fence must remain static and rigid when the saw is in use.
  • This should be around 10” to give you cutting options and the flexibility of swapping for different blades. You can adjust the height of the blade and also the angle of the blade.
  • You will find that table saws generate a large amount of sawdust. Cabinet saws normally have a dust collection port. Contractor saws are setup so the sawdust falls through the bottom. Hybrid saws could have either a dust collection port or be similar to the contractor saw.
  • Table saws are either motor driven, most common in a portable table saw, or belt driven. With a belt driven induction motor, this is quieter. Whereas the motor driven table saws are noisy but do require less maintenance.

What is a Table Saw Used For?

If you work with wood around the home, you will know that some jobs are much easier when done using a table saw.

  • Cutting pieces of wood, the same length. If you try to do this by hand, they will not all be the same length.
  • Cutting a long piece of wood is easier with a table saw. If you do this with a hand saw, you will not be able to keep straight.
  • If you are cutting large pieces of wood, they are very stable on a table saw unlike if you cut them by hand.
  • You can vary the depth of cuts.
  • You can create notches and chamfers.
  • You can cut different angles.

Table saws have different features, so consider what you want before you buy a table saw. Think about where you are going to put a table saw and how easy it will be to use. If you have to move it to use it then you probably won’t bother to use it at all.

Equip Your Office to Increase Productivity

More and more people are either working from home or starting up their own business from their own office. However, working from home can often mean that your productivity drops. It is hard to be productive when sat on your sofa or at your kitchen worktop. You need to make sure that wherever it is, your office is fully equipped to enhance and increase your productivity.

Work Place

Whether you work from home, or have just moved into your first office, you need to remember that this is your work place. Of course you can feel relaxed here, and have fun, but work should be the main activity taking place in your office.

If you are working from home, by yourself, it can be difficult to designate an actual work space. Don’t get into the habit or doing some work from the sofa as you want to watch something important on the TV. Have a designated place in your home that is your work place. It may be an actual room like your study or third bedroom. It may be part of a room like a corner of your dining room. Wherever it is, make sure you work from there, and only there.

If you have moved into an office space with other people, make sure you cater for quiet time and social time. Don’t chat at your desks and annoy other people working. Have a communal space where you can catch up without reducing the productivity of others.


Wherever you are going to be working, you will need to invest in a desk and chairs. Your chair is going to be one of the most important things you buy, so do your research carefully. If you are looking for reviews and buying guides then check out the office chairs on this great site.

A comfortable chair will increase your productivity. If you are not comfortable, you will not be thinking about work but rather your own comfort. Spending money on a comfortable and adjustable chair is a worthwhile investment.

Desks are an important factor in productivity too. Your desk needs to be large enough that you can comfortably work with everything you need. If you have to move to another table to do some writing, as your desk is full of laptops, monitors and keyboards then your productivity will undoubtedly suffer.

Don’t buy furniture just to fill up your room though. Are you really going to use that fancy conference table or all those filing cabinets? If in doubt, wait and see if you need them.

Environmental Factors

The productivity of your office will depend on a few environmental factors too. A well-designed office will make you productive and also enable you to be happy during your working hours. Declutter your office before you start, and make sure you stay on top of this regularly. A clean and organised work place will encourage productivity.

Where possible, try to have a light and airy office space. Natural light is a great mood enhancer so try to take advantage of windows and doors. Let as much fresh air into the office as you can. Add some nice plants into the office to encourage a more natural environment.

Phone System

A landline phone system can work out to be quite expensive. Do you actually need one? You may be more productive by embracing technology through using smartphones and instant messenger.


There are some things where you may not have the skill, time or inclination to do yourself. You will increase your productivity if you stick to what you can do well, and outsource anything else. Hire a virtual assistant if you don’t want to do things like answer the phone and deal with email. Things like accountancy services and copywriting where you are unlikely to have the ability yourself are easy to outsource. It is far better to outsource them than to try to learn how to do them yourself.

When you work for yourself, the saying of time means money takes on a new meaning. It is in your best interest to be as productive as you can. Make sure your office is set up for productivity and is a practical and pleasant place in which you can work.