Waterproof Ear Buds: A Runner’s Best Friend

As a runner, training during pleasant weather is the highlight of any run. This is apparent in movies where the runner is enjoying a leisurely pace either at a sunny beach or a peaceful trail with majestic mountains in the background.

Non runners imagine a romantic setting of epic proportions. For the most part, runners do train in gorgeous settings in nature, such as Lake Chabot in northern California. But the truth of the matter is this: those with a passion for running are willing to run in any location. There’s something inside of them that has to run, regardless of the weather.

For those who are serious in their commitment to this timeless sport, running in foul weather is a given. Though far from enjoyable, running in rain, wind, and snow is par for the course. These individuals able to train day after day, regardless of the weather.

The test comes during the cold and rainy months. Suddenly a run at five in the morning in December is more difficult than in the balmy weather of previous months. But after a bit of a warm up and donning the proper gear, the runner is ready to tackle the world again.

Of course, the steady rhythm of their favorite music plays a crucial role in making the run possible. Everything is more enjoyable and easier with music. Magically, instead of dreading the frosty air and muddy trails, the music seems to take the runner to another place, somehow insulating him or her from the worst of the inclement weather. This is where willpower, commitment, and a pair of ear buds mark a true aficionado from the hobbyists.

So all of those attributes help out a runner. What doesn’t help is when the ear buds get wet from the rain. Or when snow causes the roads to get slippery so the runner must take extra care. But we’re talking about the rain here, so a solution to the snow will have to come at a later date. Let’s go back to the problem of rain.

Rain places a cruel damper on those needing to get in their daily run. Often the sight of rain means less enjoyment: either the runner must get out there without his or her beloved music or not run at all. What a terrible situation.

But there’s a simple solution. Runners can still run in the rain with the innovation of waterproof ear buds, like those found at http://www.dextroaudio.com/. Scroll down the page and you’ll see an amazing assortment of audio devices for everyone. There are beautifully designed devices to meet anyone’s need. However, the item we’re interested in, the waterproof ear buds, are the ones that ensure a run is possible no matter what, although a pair of high quality Bluetooth headphones have their place in the home too. But let’s not digress.

Never again will the runner groan upon seeing the gray clouds in the distance or those fat drops of moisture coming down. The runner will simply suit up and go about business as usual. He or she will start or end her workday with feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and euphoria. The opposite is true when a run isn’t possible: anxiousness, disappointment, and guilt are the usual culprits.

So the next time the weather threatens your workout, consider possible tools and gadgets to solve your dilemma. Not working out at all isn’t an option, but finding smart tools to assist you is a smart solution.  It seems as if there’s an invention for everything. The most difficult part will be choosing the actual product, but at least you can still follow through on your workout. Regardless of the rest of the problems in the world, now there’s a simple solution to bad weather raining (pun intended) on your music-fueled run.

So You Want to Be a Fashion Merchandiser

I used to do some runway and commercial modeling. Long story short, it didn’t pan out. But at the time, I still wanted a career in the fashion industry. I loved so much about that world. Somehow, some way, I was going to realize that dream and make it big. If I wasn’t going to do it as a model, I would be the designer the girls were wearing. I had visions of putting on runway shows for New York’s Fashion Week some day. Yup, I decided that was the direction I would go. Everything happens for a reason. The reason I never made it as a model was because I was destined to be a great designer. I’d have celebrities imploring me to design their wedding dresses or ball gowns for the Oscars.

Lofty goals to say the least but you know what they say, if you don’t try you’ll never know…or something like that. In any event, I was back in New York City all over again and one of my first jobs on the road to acclaim was a merchandising coordinator for a nationwide department store chain. It was there that I learned the value of all of the tools of the trade. You know, the stuff that most people take for granted on a day-to-day basis. There are plenty of everyday household items that we all use, but models and stylists appreciate them on a whole new level because these things are the lifeblood of the industry. For instance, consider the hair dryer. You probably have one in your bathroom cabinet and think about it once or twice a week. For someone in my industry, it’s as important as a wrench to a plumber. They say a good craftsman never blames his tools, but good tools can help make the craftsman one of the most sought after in the industry. It’s that simple. So I gained a greater understanding of the importance of something as innocuous as a hair dryer and realized that consumers need a trusted resource that guided them to finding the best products, like the hair dryer. You’ll find websites like hairdryersonline.com that offer reliable reviews and other important information about hair dryers. I wanted to become that reliable, to be that valuable resource to those who depended on good merchandise for their careers.

There was just one slight problem. I had no idea what a merchandiser actually did. I mean, there was a pretty standard definition of what the position entailed, the only issue was that it seems to entail everything all at once. I soon realized that the more people I spoke to about what my duties and responsibilities were, the more it changed. I was doing everything. I was working in retailing, I was involved in marketing, I was stocking shelves. I learned about design trends and was involved in the planning of merchandising strategies. It was a little overwhelming at first. I began to think that I had become the “go-to” girl for the tasks that others didn’t want to do or didn’t understand how to do. Believe me, there was a little bit of both. When you’re the low woman on the totem pole, poop rolls downhill, if you catch my drift.

But what soon began to dawn on me was the sheer amount of valuable information I was learning by just being there and getting my feet wet. I had my hand in so many different jobs and tasks that I was absorbing an incredible wealth of knowledge. I cannot tell you how thrilled and excited I was to be going there every morning, staying late every night. Immersing myself in the world that I loved, surrounded by it all.

So I guess what I’m saying here is this: if you were like me at one time and wanted a career in the fashion industry, get a gig as a merchandiser. It’s often hard to define and nebulous in its description.

And you don’t want it any other way. The more you do, the more you will learn. I highly recommend it.

How hard is it to be a girl?

In a world where the two different genders of male and female are growing apart as quickly as they are seemingly blending into one I am becoming not only increasingly confused at all of the different labels there are now (trans, pans, etc,) but I am also becoming more and more thankful that I was born a boy. Now this isn’t for any gender confused reason. It is purely because I don’t think I would be able to hack being a girl. They go through so much more stuff every single day when compared to their male counterparts that I think I would just give up and cry in a corner.

Let’s compare an average day. My day is simple. I awake to my espresso wake up call. I’ll roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to relieve myself and brush my teeth (occasionally both at the same time if I’m feeling talented.) After that I will jump in the shower for five or so minutes, run my hands through my hair and dry myself in about five seconds flat. Two minutes of blow drying my hair and I’m on to the tough choice of which outfit to wear. Every morning my thought process is something along the lines of “Right, there’s the jeans sorted now for the hard part. Do I want the white t-shirt or the blue one?” That is literally the hardest decision I have to make during my morning routine. I don’t know if that backs up the point I am trying to make our whether it just says more about my fashion sense but nevertheless it is still a very valid point for many men all around the world.

Now let’s take a look at a girl’s daily routine. It isn’t until you have a girlfriend that you start to pick up on a lot of the things I am about to list, but once you do you really start to notice just how much more effort is required. Firstly comes the early alarm. Apparently this is purposely set to ensure that there is enough time each morning to get ready. Who knew that this was an issue! Then comes the painfully long process of showering. I don’t know what they do in there and probably don’t want to but every female I have ever come across takes an absolute age when showering and God forbid if they need to wash their hair as well. You may as well pitch a tent because you’re in there for the long haul. After the shower comes the four hour process of drying the hair which is an understandable one as if this is not right the first time then it will have to be redone again and again so lets just all be thankful for this. Once the hair is dry then it’s finally time for the make up to be put on and as I’m sure both genders can testify this takes longer than it did for man to reach the moon.

Now I’m not being a kiss-arse here, but I think my girlfriend looks perfect without her makeup on, but nonetheless she insists on it even when we are just running to the shop on the corner of the road so it just become a part of life. I’ve been reliably informed that this is normally a self confidence thing and due to years of being told they should be pretty and look like the women in magazines every moment in the day if girls don’t do their face they don’t feel like themselves. It’s wrong I know but that is what years of pressure on half of the population of the earth will do for ya! Only once the make up is on and dry will it be time to pick the outfit, and apparently saying that girls should take the same approach as me and simply put on whatever nearest is a view that is frowned upon. Once this is all done it is finally time to go wherever it was you were heading, whether that be the shop on the corner of the road or on holiday.

Like I said. I’m glad I was born male. Well done girls. I couldn’t do it.

So you Want to straighten your Hair

Straight hair does have a certain je ne sais quoi, especially if it is shiny and in good condition, or should I say in good condition and shiny.  A lot depends on how straight it is to begin with and there are many ways of getting that straight as a die look.

I am including some of the pros and cons of each way of straightening your hair to help you decide.

If you are in the market for a hair dryer take a look at Oomphed! while you are here for reviews of different types of hairdryers for different types of hair.

Hair products and hairdressing

  • Hairdressing creams may contain oily material such as petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or lanolin.
  • Silicone creams are made from dimethicone and cyclomethicone.
  • These are all oily products which work to coat the hair and prevent the individual hairs from curling up.
  • Although it is a relatively natural and effective method, just dampen the hair and style straight with a comb, what could be easier.
  • The downside is that you hair will feel greasy and attract dirt.
  • If you have thick hair it will look greasy, if you have fine hair it will weigh the hair down.
  • It will stay straight until you wash it, it may be ok for the occasional night out.

Ironing with a brush and blow dryer

  • I am calling this method ironing, it may take some skill.
  • You need to comb or brush your hair straight and blow dry at the same time.
  • It may not work at all on very curly hair, it will probably more likely turn to frizz if it is humid.
  • A good hair dryer with ceramic, ionic technology does help with this styling and it may look more natural than the first method using oily coatings.

Flat iron

  • Even more like ironing is using a flat iron to straighten your hair.
  • It can be used on any type of hair and is relatively inexepensive.
  • The downside is that it is fairly damaging so using a heat protector spray is essential.
  • It takes time and patience to get the right look.

Styling products

  • There are various types of product to help with holding the hair straight including hairsprays, gels, mousses and putties.
  • The polymer content may make the hair feel and look less natural.
  • They may be drying on the hair shaft.
  • It may take some skill to get a good straight look.
  • The effect will last until the product is washed out.

A Brazilian

  • This has to be done by a stylist, it is an expensive salon treatment.
  • If the price does not put you off perhaps the formaldehyde will.
  • Your stylist will apply a keratin protein product and use straightening irons.
  • The protein is supposed to crystalize and keep your hair straight but it will all fall apart if you wash it.
  • If you are a bit fussy about washing your hair frequently this will not work.
  • You will need to find ways of keeping it fresh or it will frizz, either or!
  • Although it may be worth it for some people (perhaps ok for oily hair), you can DIY using the above method with styling and irons.

A Japaneasy

  • Forgive the pun, this is not really easy at all, but it is the Japanese hair straightening system and maybe for people with more money than sense.
  • A stylist will apply the secret solution, use a flat iron and then a neutralizing formula to straighten the hair.
  • If after care advice is followed through your hair should stay straight for 6 months.
  • It is a harsh treatment for the hair and very expensive, you will be needing lots of conditioning.


  • A relaxer is effective and it can be done at home as well as in the salon. The solution is a caustic chemical causing a chemical reaction to make the hair straight.
  • The hair is then physically straightened and a neutralizer is used to reform the chemical bonds to change the curl to straight.
  • This will be drying and damaging and once again a good tub of salon conditioner may be a good investment, a nice big tub at that.

It seems like a relaxer is a reverse of a perm or a permanent curling product.  It appears that a lot of curly headed ladies (and gents too) may get good results from this type of treatment.  With lots of good conditioning it may be the best way of getting a fairly long lasting straight style.

For less permanent straight hair polymer styling products are great.

For a special treat or first time straightening I would recommend going to a salon and to see how they do it.  It may not be a good idea to DIY if these tools and products are all new to you.


Common Hair Problems

Discover The Most Common Hair Problems Based On The Type

Hair might look solid and durable, yet the truth is that it hides a series of secrets and necessities. From this point of view, you should know that each type of hair has its own specifications and potential problems. What do you do then? Simple. Figure what type of hair you got, then learn more about the most popular problems you are exposed to.

Dry Hair

If you scalp is always dehydrated and dry, the hair will probably get in exactly the same situation. Dehydration can be caused by several factors. Most commonly, people use powerful shampoos. At the same time, particular styling products may have similar effects, not to mention those old fashioned solutions for curly hair. Do you use the hairdryer all the time? Choose air drying instead. Finally, a dry air and plenty of sunlight may lead to the same results.

Dry hair becomes vulnerable to other problems too. You can easily tell that you have a problem if your hair does not shine. Instead, it looks like straw. Does it seem electrified all the time? Is combing a challenge? Does it feel rigid? All these issues indicate dry hair.

Oily Hair

An excessive sebaceous secretion might have a genetic profile. However, there are other things that may trigger and boost it too, such as hormonal changes or stress related medications. As a direct consequence, you end up with a thick layer on the hair. It clogs, while your style has no volume. Oily hair is also exposed to dandruff. This is why you need to protect it accordingly. Avoid straightening the hair close to the scalp and use a hat when exposed to pollution or direct sunlight. It is worth noting that shampoos with a powerful anti-fat effects must be avoided in order to prevent irritating the scalp.

Thin Hair

Hair thickness is genetic. Thin hair has almost no volume and looks like hanging directly from the scalp. With all these, specific styling products can obviously bring some extra volume. These products should not make the hair heavier though, not to mention affecting its structure. Thin hair is sensitive and exposed to dehydration and damage. This is why you need a delicate shampoo. A bad diet, particular affections, hormonal changes, medications or the natural aging process might modify the hair root and cause similar issues.

Thick and Frizzy Hair

Thick hair looks great when properly styled, yet it can just as well become frizzy and stubborn. A correct styling procedure is mandatory. Use the right balsam to smooth hair and ease the combing procedure. Dehydration and a rigid surface increase the predisposition to become frizzy, but this aspect can be prevented with a delicate shampoo.

Split Hair

If the external layer of hair deteriorates due to mechanical actions, hair is torn apart. Both the tips and roots are exposed to the mechanical risks of the surrounding environment. Once the tips split, the issue can affect your entire head. Tips become extremely vulnerable. These problems are usually caused by styling products left on the hair overnight, painting, curling, aggressive shampoos, hairdryers, sun exposure, dehydration and so on. If the deterioration is too severe, get a new haircut to prevent the problem from spreading.

Clogged Hair

The excessive sebaceous production and using the wrong styling products will make the hair heavy, sticky and clogged. With all those claims and promises you find in commercials, the active ingredients of shampoos cannot always clear the thick secretions of the scalp. Hair water might be efficient by activating the scalp. Try to avoid anti-fat shampoos because they are too aggressive.

Deteriorated and Faded Hair

Dehydration and sweat can destroy the hair structure and make it rigid. Cells also become rigid. The light also reflects in an uneven manner, so it gives your hair a fragile aspect with no brightness at all. Combing it will add to the damaging process. Obviously, external pollutants can go inside. At the same time, water is lost, so dehydration kicks in. Pay special attention to your shampoo, as well as the pollutants you are exposed to.


In conclusion, bald people are the only ones who never have hair related problems. Every type of hair has its own risks and issues, so make sure that you adjust your maintenance to its requirements.

Hair Styling Tricks

10 Less Known Tricks For Styling Your Hair

Our guest blogger from Oomphed compiled a neat list of tricks that the professionals use when styling your hair. Enjoy reading!

  1. The No Morning Blowout – Instead of going through the hassle of waking up every morning, I simply style my hair at night before I go to bed. I wash my hair at night and then put some frizz control styling cream in it at night. Once the cream has been applied throughout my hair down to the tips, I put my hair down in a bun. Make sure the bun is right at the nape of the neck when you’re putting the bun in. When I wake up in the morning my hair is night and smooth except at the bottom where I have the most beautiful curls. So now all I have to do in the morning is run my fingers through my hair a few times to get it to lay the way I want it.
  2. Shade Greasy Roots – If I don’t have time to wash my hair but I don’t want people to notice my hair is greasy, I use sunglasses. All you have to do is pull your hair back in a ponytail, flat iron the back of it and then where sunglasses on the top of your head. The sunglasses will hide any of your greasy roots and the ponytail will look fresh.
  3. Long Ponytail – If you’ve ever cut your hair and regretted it, I have a perfect ponytail idea for you. To make your hair look longer, with your natural hair, put it in the two for one ponytail. Put your hair in a higher ponytail with about hair of your hair. Next, put the rest of your hair in a low ponytail but make sure the elastic holder is in the middle. Next, cover the bottom ponytail with the hair from the first ponytail. It will look like you just have one large, long ponytail instead of two different ones. Wa-la! Long ponytail with no hair extensions required!
  4. The Messy Ponytail – If I want a quick ponytail that looks like it took a long time, I go for my bohemian look. All you have to do is curl the top layer of your hair and the rest can be messy curls. Don’t worry about spending the time to go throughout your hair and curling it, we are going for quick here. After you get done curling just tease the rest of your hair. Put your hair in a loose ponytail but make sure to scrunch some of the hair upfront so you have a little bit of a bump going on. Take one extra piece of hair and wrap it and cover the hair holder and then secure it in the hair holder.
  5. Braid My Tail – Everyone has seen the side braid going across the top of your head but I like to add the side braid in my ponytail. All you have to do is take about a fourth of your hair and put a braid in your hair. Make sure the braid is loose so you can still grab it. Take all of your hair and put it in a looser side ponytail, going the opposite direction of where the braid is. This will make sure that the braid stretches across and people will notice it better.
  6. Spicy Ponytail – I like to add some texture and spice to my ponytails with just one simple product, dry shampoo. All you have to do is put your hair in a regular ponytail then add some dry shampoo to the hanging hair. Once the dry shampoo is in, scrunch it up a bit and boom! All done.
  7. Backwards Braided Ponytail – If I want my hair to look like I did something really complicated and different, I just add a braid in the back of my hair. It is easy, just put your hair down between your legs and braid your hair from the neck up. I only go about halfway up and then put my hair in a ponytail. That way when my hair swings you can see the braid. Fancy!
  8. Beautiful Easy Waves – If I want to wear my hair down with bigger waves, I braid my wet hair at night. If I want tight waves, I put my hair in a smaller braid that is tight and if I want loose waves, I put my hair in a looser braid that is bigger. When I wake up in the morning all I have to do is take out the braid, put some hairspray in it and run my fingers through my fingers to make sure it lays right. Just make sure you do not use a brush on your hair after taking out the braid. It can cause your hair to frizz out of control!
  9. Overnight Bun – If I want my hair to be curly in the morning but I don’t have time to curl it all I do is put my hair in a damp bun at night with a butterfly clip that holds it in place. In the morning, I get ready and then take my hair out of the bun. Then all I need to do is put some hairspray in and I’m ready to go! Beautiful curls in my hair without using an iron.
  10. Hairbands Go A Long Way – If I want my hair to look classy but all I have time to do is throw my hair back in a bun, I use a hairband. A simple hairband on top of a standard bun can turn the simplest style into something very classy.