Tips For Running A Hotel Successfully

What are the secrets of making it in the competitive hospitality industry? It is a multi-billion industry that attracts people from all walks of life. Food is a basic need, but that does not mean that you are assured of success in this industry. You may have seen famous brands in the hotel industry that are always making money moves and you are inspired. The food industry is somehow challenging and below are some of the tips to succeed in the hotel industry.

Get relevant education

You may have heard people who run successful businesses without prior training. However, most of them fail to mention the struggles they face to see things done. Sometimes they even have to hire someone at a premium package to see things done. Some of the areas of importance that you should pay close attention to are management and leadership. Running a hotel means that you will have people working under you. There are several approaches that you can take to gain this knowledge. You can use the self-training route or even attend formal training in a school.

Invest in human resource

How your members of staff will interact with customers will determine whether they will come again or not. Untrained employees may be cheap to maintain but might cost your business. Ensure that you vet various members of staff before you get them on board. Promotion in your place of work should be on merit. You should also make the place conducive for your members of staff to grow and help your venture move to the next level. You can also plan for workshops and trade fares that will help your employees become better at their craft. 

Pay attention to details

Everyone loves a well-cooked meal. It is the small things that matter a lot when it comes to food preparation. Everyone wants a tasty meal, but do you have what it takes to make it happen? Sometimes you do not have to be an expert to prepare good risotto. It is a recipe that is equally-loved by the old as well as the young generation. You need to get every step right when you prepare risotto for your clients and you can get more info here on how to ensure your output is good.

Invest in the right equipment

The choice of the equipment and utensils to use in your hotel will depend on the size of your venture and the foods that you prepare. There are some basic equipment such as food processors and a refrigerator that will come in handy irrespective of the type of hotel that you choose. You may be strained on a budget but that does not mean that you go for cheap and low-quality tools. There are some that you can lease before you get enough finances to Purchase. Ensure that you take care of the equipment if you want them to be durable.

Market your venture

You may have the best meals in your neighborhood and get top-talent but still, fail to attract customers. Marketing is an important function if you want to have a sustainable venture. You can take advantage of the various digital marketing avenues to get the word out there. You can also have some billboards and signposts that will direct people to your hotel. Ensure that customer service is the best as it is the best way to get referrals. Set aside a marketing budget as it ensures that you do not run out of funds and leave your campaigns halfway.

Success in this industry requires commitment and discipline. Understanding your clients’ needs and providing services that suit their tastes should be your ultimate goal.

Mistakes That Lead To High Household Spending

It is sad to note that a big proportion of the world’s proportion is left with absolutely nothing to save after paying monthly bills. There is no worse feeling than always looking forward to the next payday and all that you can do is pay bills and feed yourself and life continues. Your household spending could be the reason you are leading a miserable life and making it hard to attain your financial goals. The following are some of the factors that are making your household spending high

You do not budget

How much do you spend in your home per month? The small things that you buy in your home could cost a lot in the long run if you do not have a budget. There are many online tools that you can find on the internet to help you when it comes to budgeting. Note down the things you buy in a month alongside with their prices and develop a budget from them. You can then start doing bulk shopping as you can get better deals when you try this approach. Ensure that you do away with impulse buying as you may end up with stuff that you do not need in your home simply because they are on offer. You can also get several services from the same provider, which makes it easier to get a good bargain. For instance, you can have the same provider for telephone and internet services.

You do not have energy-efficient appliances

The appliances that you choose for your home can either drain your pockets or help you save. Ensure that you look for those that have the energy-saving mark of quality. You could have bought the home with the current appliances but an upgrade will be necessary when you want to lower your bills. Consult experts in this area to land at the quality and energy-efficient appliances. Such appliances may cost a bit higher when compared to the regular ones but it is the sacrifice you make to lower your recurrent bills.

Your appliances are faulty

Some of the appliances in your home might be overworking, and thus leading to high bills. For instance, a faulty thermostat may consume a lot of energy which pushes the electricity bills up. You can do a manual inspection of the appliances and tools that you use in your household to ensure that they are functioning at their optimal levels. You can also have a technician come over to your house for regular inspections of the appliances that you use in your household.

Extreme weather fluctuations

Heating and cooling account for almost half of the energy costs in a regular household. There is high energy consumption when there are extremely high temperatures and during the freezing months. Even though you cannot dictate how the weather will be, you can take charge of energy consumption through various measures. Installing solar panels can help you take advantage of the excess solar energy and reduce the monthly bills. Selecting the best fit for your needs may not be that easy as they come in different designs depending on the material used. Green Energy Notes explores in details some of the differences between the major types of solar panels; Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar cells.

Wrong usage of appliances

The appliances that you leave on standby mode consume energy. There are a lot of things that you can leave on standby mode such as your TV, computer, PlayStation, to mention a few. The devices you leave on standby do not sleep and at times do updates and other actions in the background. The consumption might be negligible from every single appliance but when combined it is a wastage. Ensure that you switch off from the main switch to avoid this type of wastage. Running some appliances at their highest speeds also consumes more energy when compared to other modes.

Understanding the above factors will make it easier for you to come up with winning strategies. You do not need to be mean on yourself but just know what matters and what you can do away with. You can consult an expert to help come up with a budget and also some who will help you lower energy consumption in your home.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Kitchen Appliances

Which rooms do people inspect most when they want to buy or move to a new house? The kitchen will always rank among essential rooms in a house and no wonder it is called the ‘heart of every home.’ The sad news is that a kitchen cannot be functional if you do not have the right appliances. The choice of the appliances will affect the final product, but the challenge is that these appliances come in different designs and features. The following are some of the important factors to consider when selecting kitchen appliances

Your needs

How many occupants do you have in your home? It does not make sense of buying an appliance that cannot fulfil the purpose. Big appliances tend to be expensive, and you do not have to get a big utensil when you are alone in your residence. Most modern manufacturers will indicate the size of various utensils that they have on sale to eliminate doubts. You can buy big appliances when you speculate that your family will expand in the future. You can also start small in your kitchen and grow as time goes by. Ensure that you invest in timeless appliances if you want to remain fashionable.


Unfortunately, some of the appliances that never match what they promise on their product descriptions. Every penny matters and that is why you should always be extra cautious when you are buying any home appliance. A juicer is one of those appliances that help you achieve your health goals without much struggle. You can bank on such an appliance to extract juices from fruits and vegetables, which you can take any time of the day. Differentiating between the different types of juicers is not that easy as long as you have a resource such as Juicer Cruiser to take you through.

Ease of function

Most of the modern manufacturers are aiming at producing appliances that are easy to operate. However, there are still some that may make you face a hard time. Preparing food and cooking should be fun, but it can never be the case when you have an appliance that you cannot operate. Choose a kitchen appliance based on your experience level. It is okay to learn as time goes by and upgrade until you get the perfect appliances. The ideal appliances are those that are easy to handle, operate and clean.


We have already stated that kitchen appliances come in different shapes, design, and sizes which affects the overall price. Do some market research and understand the price range of the products you want to buy. Settling for highly-priced products does not assure that they are quality appliances. Lowly priced products are also not always of a low quality, which means that you should check the reviews and the features to settle on one that suits your needs. It is also important to check the operating costs of the appliance as some may require you to purchase extra accessories to become functional.

Space requirements                  

You have to consider the design of your kitchen before you buy an appliance. Some appliances will appear misplaced in your kitchen, while others will fit perfectly. If you have a small refrigerator, then you have to buy small appliances. Some appliances will sit on the countertops while others will require independent space. There is no need to have a squeezed kitchen as it increases the probability of accidents and injuries. You can consult an interior designer to help you come up with a plan that will allow you to use the kitchen space to the fullest. You can keep those appliances you do not use frequently in your store and only retrieve them when the need arises. Getting an appliance that can handle multiple tasks at a go is the best fit when you have a small kitchen or do not want a lot of them in your house. Following the above tips ensures that you have a functional kitchen with high-quality appliances. Ensure that you keep these appliances in good shape if durability is of concern to you. Do not wait for an appliance to fail completely, but take protective measures to ensure that it remains in good shape

Get a Healthy Diet for the Entire Family

Sure, you have the perfect little kitchen help to get you going, but, a proper dietary lifestyle is essential, and sticking to a strict regimen is sometimes even harder.

See, finding the right balance of food and exercise, coupled with a regular schedule is crucial to the success of such regimens, but trying to do so while keeping everyone at home happy is quite a tall order.

Sadly, this is what mothers face daily – what to cook! While some dishes would please one, it would prove unfavorable to another. Throw in a grumpy and fussy husband, and dinner time could prove quite unsavory.

Even then pleasing everyone is not that difficult; just split the menu and good to go!. But trying to preserve smiles while keeping to a healthy dietary plan is another story.

Marinade Magic?

So, what’s the secret? Simply put, I call it “Marinade magic”. Each day, my menu reads like the International House of Meats. You have your red meats, white meats, and even a selection of crustaceans. And that’s complemented by yet another variety of rice and bread; there are white and brown rice, white and wholemeal loaves, and even pita bread.

The magic comes in the preparations. Patrons can choose the meats and carbs of their choice, but the flavor-of-the-day would run through them all. I prepare a single marinade, dashed with all that’s near and dear to my heart, healthy to a T, and lovingly prepare all the meats the same. But that’s not all. There’s still more trickery at play.

While it’s sometimes helpful to have a greasy, deep-fried treat, it’s a small trade-off to have them grilled, or even stewed. And with some marinades, even a steamed dish could prove quite savory.

Hiding the Greens

Over the years, your cookbook may grow considerably, with unique footnotes indicating each person’s likes and dislikes, and ultimate favs. Another vital aspect of balancing the family’s diet is the leafy greens, which assuredly aren’t always favorites.

Here, I have yet another secret, which I like to call delicious disguise. Among the simplest of these disguises is the chop-n-change, where I chop the vegetables finely and prepare it with a hearty garnishing of minced meats.

With these simple Copperfield-like feats, I relish my role as cook and nutritionist to my family. It gives me great pleasure to see them enjoy my fares each day, and I’m happier still in the knowledge that I’m feeding them healthily.

Even though my book of gastronomic “spells” is quite comprehensive, I enjoy continuously challenging myself by adding newer and more exciting methods of concocting healthy dishes. I could even start my specialty restaurant.

Satisfying your Family – And Yourself

Meeting the demands of the family is truly a juggling act that has a timer attached to it. Getting these feasts ready and on the table to meet the hungry hordes is a challenge that every mother knows just too well.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that grocery-shopping is no walk in the park. Budgeting for such a varied menu daily is worse than rocket science. So, it really pays to be resourceful. One quick money-saving tip should include buying frozen over fresh; the price difference is quite substantial, and with today’s food processing practices, they taste just as good. Plus, I don’t believe that any nutritional value gets lost with them.

Another unusual but straightforward tip is to use dried anchovies and shrimp. These are staples in any Chinese restaurant, and make good, fast, and relatively economical garnishing for vegetables. I spend quite a lot of time at the market, choosing the meats of the day, deciding on the greens to get, and planning the menu on the go, depending on the offerings of the day. It should also go without saying that there’s always bound to be leftovers. But I’ll save those rabbit holes for another day.

In Conclusion

Let me close by saying that I’m no angel. After slaving away all week long and sticking to my healthy guns, I’d always succumb when my husband offers dinner on the town. You will always melt like butter when someone serves me for a change.

Ways to Purify Water in Your Home

Ways to Purify Water in Your Home

About 60% of your body comprises of water. Besides, research indicates that every living cell in the human body requires water to function well. Given the importance of this liquid for every living thing’s survival, it is vital that you have access to constant safe drinking water in your home.

Professionals recommend that people should at least consume about 2.4 liters of water a day to replenish water lost through bodily excretions. So, are you drinking this recommended amount and if so, is the water in your home safe for consumption? Well, if you suspect that your drinking water might not be 100% safe, read on for tips on how you can purify it.

The Source of your water

You may be asking yourself whether it is it really necessary to purify “further” the water that flows from your taps! This is a genuine concern for most homeowners whose Source of water is from the city’s community water systems or an on-site well.

City water, usually undergoes a number of processes such as sedimentation and filtration, to make sure that it is fit for consumption. You are probably asking yourself, “If the water is already safe, why should you purify it?” The answer to this question is that this water has to flow through pipes to get into your home, so if the pipes have a leak or are rusty, then your water becomes contaminated. Also, some areas experience water treatment disruptions due to issues such as power outages; thus, the water is not adequately treated.

If you have a well as your Source of water, you should consider having it tested to ascertain that the water from it is safe for consumption. You should also find out if your water pipes and the well casing is in top-notch shape, free from leaks and cracks. Without these sureties, you cannot be certain that you are drinking 100% safe water from your well.

Water Filtration Systems

Does your water have a questionable color? Or maybe you have detected a few impurities in it? Well, whether it is the color or the contaminants in your water that concern you, you should think about getting a water filtration system. These systems are effective in removing the impurities found in water, thus improving not only its color but taste as well.

There are many types of water filtration systems in the market, and it is essential that you choose a system that will adequately meet your water needs. Below is a brief look at some of these systems:

Whole house filters

These type of filters work towards cleaning and purifying all the water being used in the home; including water for laundry and even showering. These filters are a popular choice for homeowners, as they are quite useful in producing high-quality, safe water. These systems are often placed on the main water supply line, to ensure that the water flowing to the entire house is filtered.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

These type of systems are found under the sinks, in most homes. The water filtration process in this system is done by merely passing water into several membranes, which remove pollutants and other sediments leaving only pure, oxygen abundant water. Once you install this system, you may not worry about investing in a new filtration system in a very long while; however, you may need to change the filters in the reverse osmosis system regularly.

Water Distillers

Distillation is one of the oldest ways people have used to purify water. Despite technological advancements, some people only trust this water purification process, due to its effectiveness in producing clean, crisp water.

Water distillers’ produce clean water by heating unpurified water to produce steam, which is then collected and condensed to become pure water. This process removes natural occurring minerals in the water, thus making the purified water to taste “unnatural.” There are many distillers in the market, including options that do not require professional installation.

One Last Point

It is essential to mention that you need to invest in a high-quality water filter. In other words, your water filtration system has to be reliable enough to cater to your household’s water needs. On that note, visit SoftWaterFiltration to view a collection of top-rated water filters and what makes them unique.

All You’ll Ever Need to Rank in Google

Most internet users will begin their search for a particular product or service by engaging a search engine. So, what happens if a “giant” search engine like Google does not rank your website among the top few in the first result page?

Well, your page is almost invisible and even non-existent to a majority of internet users; this is because statistics indicate that about 71% of internet users never really click on the second page of search results. If you are looking for a higher ranking (which means more visibility for your business), then here are tips that will be of great help to you:

Keep up with the Latest SEO Trends

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in constant motion; the “tricks” website owners may have used to get top rankings last year may be irrelevant this year, hence the need to keep up with the latest trends in the SEO “industry.” For instance, today’s world is a ”multi-device society”, so if your website is not optimized for all devices such as mobile phones and laptops, then you are likely to lose the top spots in Google search result ranking.

Google is one of the big giants in the search engine market, and as such it has to cater to a wide variety of internet users: those who use computers and also those who use mobile devices. So, for websites to be ranked high, they must have content that caters to both “phone users and computer users.”

It is also important to note that more and more people are using voice commands to conduct online searches. How many times have you heard, “Hello Google” or “Okay Google?” probably a few times!

Well, the trend is leaning towards “voice optimized” content that is easily retrievable through voice commands. The long and short of it is that SEO is in constant motion, andsomething different will come up every once in a while, so you’re better off staying in the know.

Keywords still “rule”

Even though the SEO industry is continually changing, there are traditional SEO “tricks” that will always remain relevant. For instance, the use of keywords is a tactic that will certainly rule in the “SEO world” for a long time: simply because, search engine searches will often focus on specific keywords, whether typed or voice command inputs.

Therefore, if you want a top rank in Google search results, you need to be conversant with the below keyword tactics:

  • Keyword placement – it is essential that your page title contains your keyword. It is not a must that you use the exact wording, but the keyword should in one way or another be in the title. The keywords should also be part of your URL. For example, what comes after, .com, or .net should be words that can quickly help Google determine what your website is all about: this will help you get a better Google ranking. 
  • The type of keywords to use – what keywords are your audience using in their searches? It is essential to use keywords in your content that are in line with what people are “actually” searching for. So, before you start picking words from your head and using them as keywords, do an online search using tools such as Google’s keyword plannerto determine what phrases your potential customers are frequently utilizing when doing online searches.

External Links are Important

Google utilizes external links to determine how “worthy” a post is, to award its top rank status. So, if you want the much coveted top ranks in Google search result pages, you must work on building external links; these are links that are from other websites. But why, you may ask? Well, when other people start talking about you, then you become both noticeable and relevant to web users.

 So, create good content and get some other web owners to “link you in” (link building).  Bear in mind that Google will analyze the relevance of your backlinks, so it is vital to make sure that your content is relevant to the sites they will be “linked in”.

Many physical and online businesses depend on the internet to get the exposure they need to acquire customers. So, if you are wondering why your competitor’s pages are gaining a “larger audience” than your page, it could be they are higher ranked in Google searches as compared to your page!