4 Reasons to Begin Tumblr Marketing

If your company still is not using Tumblr as part of its marketing platform, then now may be a good time to start. After all, it is a perfect combination of various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Here are a few reasons why you should begin Tumblr marketing:

Showcase Your Creativity

As said earlier, Tumblr combines various forms of social media, so it allows you to showcase your creativity. You can experiment with whatever is popular or innovate on a new craft, to acquire the attention of followers. Also, you can make your content become more noticeable, through visually-oriented posts such as gifs. What makes it great is that there are different functions that Tumblr has that are not available on other social media sites. Thus, you can leverage your creativity by producing blog posts that are visually stimulating and interesting, which will allow your business to stand above the rest.

Establish Your Brand

Tumblr specializes in the use of gifs and images, thus, allowing you to establish your brand by promoting your company’s feel and looks. Furthermore, people tend to associate companies with logos, which makes visual content crucial. Also, experts say that people tend to connect more with images rather than audio, video or text. After all, these elicit a response faster than when users read. Overall, if you wish to establish your brand, opt for images rather than text, since your followers prefer them too.

A Younger Population

The 18-24 age group in Tumblr has the highest amount of users. Thus, if you have products that cater to a younger audience, you may benefit from marketing here rather than in other social media platforms. Furthermore, other social media sites are gradually decreasing in popularity among teenagers, so you may not succeed in selling your products there, compared to Tumblr.

Higher Marketing Potential

Marketing on Tumblr can net you higher potential benefits compared to other social media sites. After all, it has characteristics that make it stand out from the others. Click here if you are curious about how you can take advantage of the platform to help your business grow.


Tumblr is an impressive social media platform for business marketing. With a platform that makes the most out of images and gifs, you can showcase your creativity. Thanks to its visually-oriented options, you can establish your brand there. Furthermore, you can target a younger population for your advertising. Lastly, Tumblr has higher marketing potential than other social media sites due to these factors.