Instagram Hacks for Brands

Instagram Hacks for Brands

There is little doubt that Instagram is one of the top three favored social media platforms for brands to capitalize on. It has become quite an effective platform for brands to elevate their engagement with consumers and future prospects.

With Instagram’s over 1.1 billion active monthly users, it’s easy to see why successful brands are leveraging their power to better engage and build community over a brand and its products.

With 500 million people logging in to Instagram daily, you definitely want to capture their attention with your Instagram page. You can do this for your brand by giving your Instagram account an edgier look by employing some Instagram hacks.

Spend Money on Followers

Yes, there’s no problem with buying Instagram followers. After all, almost every big brand is doing it. You only need to be careful before using a specific service. You’re better off with a reputable and experienced company. On that note, visit to view a selection of the best Instagram growth services to help you gain followers, likes and shares.

Consider a Bio font change

Fonts are powerful mood and tone setters for a brand. So you want to want to work with a font that best communicate your bio in a manner that is reflective of your brand’s tone.

You have probably glared at Instagram bios of a brand and wondered where in the world did they get that amazing font from? Because you know it is non-existent through your Instagram font options. And guess what! You are right because some of the amazing fonts that you see on other people’s Instagram pages are actually not fonts but rather

Unicode symbols

Using Unicode symbols on some of the words that you would like to stand out on your Bio is a sound idea to give your page that different and exciting eye-catching look.

How to execute

  • Use Instagram font generators such as Fonts for Instagram or any other generators for symbol customization options
  • Key in the word you would want to convert to special fonts
  • Copy and paste the generated symbol to your profile.
  • Make the most of your Bio-link

Make the most of your Bio-link

Since Instagram entitles you to one clickable link in your bio, you want to make the most of it. Conventional most brands tend to use this link to connect a user to a standard home page URL, but you can do even better. Use this link more effectively by making it a call to action to explore your blog, products, promotions or events for your brand. 

Other than taking advantage of this prime spot by a call to action, this approach also helps you gauge social media traffic coming from Instagram to specific pages.

How to execute

  • Go to ‘edit profile’ from your profile page
  • Insert your link on the website line
  • Make sure to save, then click the link to test that all is working well

In conclusion don’t forget to share helpful information with your audience. People want to learn something new, not the same old regurgitated stuff!

Negative Impacts Of Sleep Deprivation

Negative Impacts Of Sleep Deprivation

If you ask any health expert on the tips of leading a healthy life, three things will always come into play. That is; working out, eat healthy foods and get enough rest. However, many people do not understand what rest refers to in this case. You may think that going for a vacation or going to watch a movie or hanging out with friends is the reference here which is not the case. You need to get enough sleep and experts recommend that you should have between 6-8 hours of it every day. But the big question is why? The following are some of the things that occur to your body due to sleep deprivation

Weight gain

Studies show that there is a high connection between weight gain and sleep deprivation. Those who sleep for less than 7 hours a day are at a higher risk of suffering from obesity as compared to those who get enough sleep. This is all possible due to the hormones that are in your body. For instance, leptin levels lower when you do not get enough sleep. Leptin is a chemical substance that makes you feel full and lowers your appetite. On the other hand, ghrelin levels, which is the hormone responsible for hunger, go up and you end up eating more than you are used to.

Decreased cognitive performance

Your mind needs time to process information at hand and also create room for other data that comes it’s way. Sleep deprivation lowers both your mental and physical progress. Your attention span also lowers due to sleep deprivation, and you may even find yourself having difficulties to master simple concepts. You may also suffer from memory lapses which affect your reasoning capacity. In the past, people believed that memory loss was a preserve of the old but young sleep-deprived generation is also is arising as well.

Lower sex drive

Getting intimate is very important if you want to have a healthy relationship. There are lots of broken marriages as a result of intimacy issues that can arise from any side. Sleep deprivation impacts the hormone levels which lowers the mood of sex. You may find yourself feeling fatigued which lowers your sexual arousal and performance. The most affected group due to sleep deprivation are the men. A recent study shows that lack of enough sleep lowers the testosterone levels. However, getting enough rest will rectify the situation in about one week and get you confident between the sheets again.

Risk of heart diseases

The heart is one of the most precious organs in your body and thus needs special care. Sleeping less than 7 hours in a day can lead to the increased heartbeat, increase in blood pressure and also triggers some hormones that lead to inflammation. Such inflammation puts extra strain on the heart muscles which is not healthy for your body. Sleep deprivation increases the chances of suffering from coronary heart diseases. It is the most common form of heart diseases and is among the leading causes of death across the world. Sleep deprivation also increases the chances of having a stroke as a result of low oxygen circulation.

May lead to substance abuse

When you sleep for less than the recommended hours, you may then find yourself feeling restless and tired. Taking drugs to calm your feelings and get your moods back may seem like the best solution. You may also find yourself taking a lot of caffeinated drinks such as coffee to remain alert. Some people may also recommend that you take over-the-counter pills to help you catch some sleep which makes your body addictive to such drugs. In extreme cases, you may result in hard drugs and alcohol to try and calm your feelings.

Your skin suffers

Humans are very conscious about their appearance, and you might not be an exception. Everyone wants to have glowing skin, but unfortunately, those with sleep deprivation find it hard achieving this. Recent research conducted among adults aged between 30-50 years came up with findings that are worth studying. Those who sleep for less than 7 hours were found to have uneven skin color tone, wrinkles, and their skin appeared to be loose. However, when you get enough sleep, your body gets ample time to produce hormones that repair broken cells on your skin.

It is quite evident that your body stands to benefit a lot when you have enough sleep. However, it is also important to check why you are not getting enough sleep. Using the wrong beddings especially the mattress could be one of the reasons why you find it hard sleeping. A good mattress is one that is comfortable during the time for a full sleep and supports your body and the back muscles. Ensure that you choose the right beddings for you to have quality sleep time.