Top 10 Best Instagram Bots

Always been looking for the but didn’t want to wade through dozens of articles that are all practically saying the same thing? Neither did I so I made my very own short to the point list of the 10 bots that are most popular. We start with the least popular first as I want you to read the whole article, and otherwise, you can just skip to the bottom.


This bot does only one thing, liking posts on Instagram, based on the tags that you set. The more you like others, the more they like you so use this bot to help share the love.

Social Growth

With this bot, you can target users based on geographics. They have their own database of 10k+ accounts which assist with that, I’m not sure exactly how that works, and it does sound kind of spammy but check it out yourself.


Interesting name, not sure what it’s gonna pop but let’s see. Apparently, this seems to work a bit like the above one where you use their assistants. These assistants help you achieve real likes, as what you would expect from a bot I suppose so nothing special there, perhaps you want to compare those two based on price instead to see which one is the best bang for your buck.

Relaxed Social

And relaxing we will do once we found the best bot to manage our Instagram account, no doubt about that. It claims to engage hundreds of users a day from your very own account based on your own interests. Very nice!

Socially Rich

Based on the names of those bots I start to feel like I get rich sleeping, well that’s exactly what we’re looking for, aren’t we? If it only were that easy I’d sign up right away. It appears to be some directory that categorized Instagram users to help you find the audience you are looking for. No sleeping rich there I guess but it should make your job a little easier.

Social Upgrade

I suppose its time for the heavy hitters as the previous five haven’t really impressed me thus far. It looks like this is also some sort of managed service, I really have to dive deeper into this one day to see what that’s all about. With 5-6 bots offering just that I guess there’s demand enough for it so perhaps I should change my opinion a bit. Then again it could all be huge bot farms that hurt your account more than you want.

Social Sensation

Actually, the name of this Instagram bot is social sensational but I though social sensation is much more packing. Turns out be another growth agency. This starts to read more like a service or tool list opposed to a bot list, my apologies for that. It’s totally hands-free though so if that’s what you’re looking for go check it out.

Social Envy

And jealous we are of all those Instagram bloggers or vloggers? with their millions of followers. The description is rather generic but its pretty much the same as the rest.

Viral Upgrade

That’s the one we’ve been waiting for. We want our content to go viral on Instagram with thousands of organic shares, and ten thousands of likes at the very minimum. You get your dedicated account manager and plenty of targeting options, but isn’t that account manager supposed to fuzz around with that? Shoot me!

Social Drift

I’m glad we’ve reached the end of this post as I feel like I’m drifting away from myself here. Hashtags, location, targeting, presence, metadata, audience, filters, and a bunch of other buzzwords. You know what, I’m calling it quits, get my water mattress out and literally let myself drift away on the sea with an ice cold beer!

How to Achieve the Right Results With a Plasma Cutter

When it comes to plasma cutting as a hobby, for DIY projects, and for work, using the right techniques makes your job much easier and improves the results you achieve a great deal.

Armed with the right plasma cutter, make sure you follow a few tried and tested tips to make sure you achieve the right results.

Support the Cutting Hand

Before you even decide to start cutting, make sure you brace yourself and use the non-cutting hand to support the other hand. This keeps the cutting hand steady and provides you with freedom of movement in both directions which maintains a constant standoff.

You have the option of pulling the torch towards you or pushing it away from the body. Many people opt to pull it towards the body since this is easier compared to pushing it away.

Trace the Path

Before you go ahead and start cutting, it is advisable to plan the cut early enough. If you are going for a long cut, then practice the movement before you pull the trigger. Make sure you have enough space to allow you to make the cut before you pull the trigger.

Remember that stopping and starting severally makes the project have irregularities in the cut edge.

To make sure you are using the right speed and amperage settings, make a sample cut on a similar type of material that you actually plan to cut before you start the cut. You can use templates with examples on Cuts Like Butter.

You will know you are moving too fast if you notice sparks shooting along the top of the material.

Safety Is Paramount

When using the plasma cutter, you need to protect yourself and those around you from the sparks and the heat. Before you start the process, make sure you go ahead and read each and every piece of information that is provided by the manufacturer so that you understand how the machine operates.

Each plasma cutter comes with an instructional manual. This manual gives you a guide on what to do and how to do it. Since these tools are evolving fast, you need to make sure you understand what features the tools come with so that you know what to do.

Additionally, you need to know the right amperage and speed settings so that you don’t put yourself at risk of injury. Remember the higher the speed, the more likelihood of getting injured.

Proper safety requires that you protect any exposed skin. You need to put on a welding jacket and gloves or any other flame resistant clothing. Many welders use denim because it is a perfect choice. Make sure you button up your pockets, cuffs and the collar so that it doesn’t catch fire from the sparks.

Eyes are vulnerable to the sparks, and this is why you need to have the proper shade lens for the plasma cutter that you plan to use. The shade you choose needs to be compatible with the amperage you are exposing the eyes too. You can opt for a welding helmet or goggles that have a cutting more. The goggles shouldn’t be too dark for use for welding because this might turn out to make the welding surface too dark.

Go for ordinary compressed air as the cutting gas. Many contractors opt for bottled nitrogen because it is cost-effective, but at the end of the day, it isn’t any different from compressed air.

Protect Your Consumables

The consumables can be contaminated easily by air or oil, and when this happens, it reduces the life of the consumables. You can make use of an in-line air filter which removes the water and oil. Air filters prevent you from spending money each week on a replacement tip and electrode.

You also need to examine the consumables on a regular basis to replace them when they become covered with spatter. Doing this makes sure you get the best results each time.

The Bottom-line

You can use the plasma cutter to cut through metal and other types of materials. The cutter is versatile and makes the whole process easier and faster. However, you need to make sure the cutter is well maintained, and you are always protected against the heat by wearing the proper gear.