How to Choose the Right Travel Luggage

Although holidays can be great, getting there can often be stressful. One of the worries is taking luggage on a plane. There are so many rules, and the prices for taking luggage are so high, that you really need to be careful with the luggage you take on a plane.

It is therefore important that you choose the right luggage for your trip. Both check-in cases and your hand luggage. To help you find the best luggage try where you can find reviews and information on the best bags for your travels.

Checked Luggage

As this is going to be the larger of the bags you take on a flight, you need to consider your requirements carefully.

  • Your holiday. You need to consider what activities you are going to be doing on your holiday, before you buy any luggage. Are you going camping or on a boat? You will want a soft bag that you can carry.
  • Your travel. How are you going to get to the airport and from the airport to your hotel? This will have a bearing on the luggage you take. You may not want wheeled luggage if you are going to be up and down stairs and on and off buses.
  • Taking into account how you are going to get to your destination, and what you are going to do once you are on holiday, do you want wheels? Many people like to have wheeled luggage when they are travelling. You can buy luggage with either 2 wheels or 4 wheels.
  • 2 wheels. These are generally lighter but easily tip over. They are easier to drag over rough surfaces and up and down curbs.
  • 4 wheels. A case with 4 wheels will stand upright. They are easy to manoeuvre as you can pull them in any direction.
  • Consider the size of the bag and whether you would be able to carry it once it is fully packed. You could certainly have over 20 kilos in the bag so would a large size make it difficult to manoeuvre?
  • If you have a large bag, there can be a tendency to over pack. Always check the weight of your bag before you arrive at the airport to a nasty surprise. You can buy a luggage scale so you have peace of mind that your bag is not over weight.
  • Not all airlines allow the same weight of luggage. An expandable bag is therefore a good option especially if you fly with different airlines.
  • If possible, buy a brightly coloured bag. This makes it easier to spot.

Hard Sides

Some people have a preference for bags with hard sides. They are often seen as being very durable and long lasting.

  • Can be very stylish and come in a huge variety of colours.
  • Whilst they used to be heavy, they can now be very lightweight.
  • You get more protection from the hard sides.
  • They are generally more expensive than soft sided luggage.

Soft Sides

If you don’t want luggage with hard sides, then consider soft-sided bags.

  • These are usually lighter than a hard sided suitcase.
  • There is not much protection.
  • You can pick some up for quite a cheap price now.
  • You can buy expandable models where the sides unzip to allow for extra space.

Carry On Luggage

Having a good carry-on bag can make your trip far less stressful. It also makes wandering around the airport far more pleasant. What sort of features should you look for in your hand luggage?

  • Most importantly, check the size. Different airlines have different guidelines so ensure yours complies. Make sure you measure its dimensions if you are unsure.
  • This is your personal choice but do you want to wheel your hand luggage or carry it. Again, there is a difference between 2 wheels and 4 wheels.
  • Try and buy the lightest bag you can. Remember you should be able to lift it up into the overhead locker.
  • Day trips. Think about your activities whilst on holiday. A backpack for your hand luggage is also useful when on holiday and going out and about for the day.