What’s An Instagram Bot And Should I Use One?

Instagram is a photo sharing social media site that was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. When it was launched, back in 2010, it became an instant success. Instagram amassed one million users a mere two months after it was launched.

Today, Instagram has around 800 million active monthly accounts and approximately 500 million accounts that are active every day. Businesses have been quick to recognize the marketing opportunity and business accounts have become an excellent way for companies to interact with their current customers and reach out to new ones.

This marketing strategy has been immensely successful and it is estimated that 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business. This shows that Instagram is definitely a great resource for businesses. When potential customers are able to visibly see what a company represents they are more likely to engage with that company and purchase their products or services.

To be truly effective on Instagram, you have to do more than create an account and post the occasional picture. Following new accounts, liking photos and videos, responding to comments on your photos and commenting on photos others post are all essential to building your Instagram audience. This can be a time-consuming process. The high-maintenance factor is a deal breaker for a lot of businesses, however, some business owners look to automation tools to help take care of some of the work.

Instagram bots, or Instabots, are a form of automation tools that are used to reach out to more Instagram accounts and grow your Instagram following. Bots take over repetitive tasks such as following new accounts and commenting on or liking posts. You simply set certain parameters telling the bot specific keywords to respond to and specify how you want the bot to react. Once you plug-in the information the bot goes to work.

Of course, the bot doesn’t have the cognitive ability of an actual human being, so there’s the potential for adverse situations. Imagine your bot leaves an inappropriate comment on a picture of a loyal customer’s dead goldfish. Any human would have known that “Great pic!” was definitely not something you would want to say! This is just one way bots can lead to embarrassing situations and hurt your brand’s credibility.

There is also the fact that bots are not technically allowed as they violate the Instagram terms of service. Accounts that heavily rely on bots to perform multiple tasks day in and day out may be banned temporarily or have their account removed permanently.

So, are bots worth it? It depends. You should research any bot you plan to use extensively. Avoid bots that employ excessive techniques as this is one thing that Instagram monitors and could lead to being banned. Read reviews from users and make sure the bot has technical assistance and support system to help you absolve problems if they should arise.

There are good bots and bad bots. http://fredharrington.com/instazood-review/. Fortunately, sites like fredharrington.com can help you decide which bots are the good ones and how likely they are to serve your needs.

While it certainly takes more time and patience, growing your audience the old-fashioned way is still the most genuine and perhaps, the best way to reach new customers. Here are some quick tips for Instagram success:

  • Post once a day or at least every other day to keep your followers interested.
  • Interact with your loyal followers and frequent commenters. Explore their account, like their photos and respond to their comments. This makes your followers feel appreciated!
  • Make your photos as colorful as possible. Colorful, high-quality images attract the most attention on Instagram.
  • Use the Explore tab daily to find new, interesting accounts to follow and interact with.

Don’t overuse filters or hashtags. Photos should be as natural as possible. If you enhance the photo, do so modestly. The same applies to hashtags. One or two relevant hashtags should be sufficient.

Can You Take The Heat - A Career In Welding

Can You Take The Heat: A Career In Welding

Are you a hands-on type of person who enjoys working with metal and heat? Do you like solving problems and feeling a sense of accomplishment after a long, hard day of work? Welding may be the career for you.

What Is Welding?

Welding is a high-ranking industrial process that uses fusion to permanently join together two or more pieces of material, most often metals or thermoplastics. This is different from techniques such as brazing or soldering because welding melts the base metal, along with an additional filler material, in order to form a pool of molten material – known as the weld pool – which cools and creates a joint that is stronger than the base material. To produce a weld, pressure may be used by itself or in conjunction with heat. There are also less common solid state welding processes that do not melt metal, such as friction welding.  The most economic and efficient manner of joining metals permanently, welding is essential to the economy because almost everything you use in your day-to-day life is either welded or made by equipment that is welded.

What Does A Welder Do?

From coffee pots to skyscrapers, space vehicles to everyday automobiles, as a welder you will be responsible for helping to build virtually everything and anything you see on a daily basis. Since the use of welding is practically unlimited, there is a wide variety of work to be done and a range of industries in which you can ply your trade. As a skilled worker, you could be welding steel structural beams for buildings and bridges, pipes for oil pipelines and refineries, panels for cars, or components for machinery, just to name a few examples. Some of your duties will include using clamps or bolts to position and secure metal parts, and igniting and applying torches to the areas you’re welding. Not only is welding a physically demanding job, it also requires you to be mentally alert, as you must monitor the welding process to prevent any mishaps and keep an eye out for any defects. You may be surprised to learn that welding makes use of more sciences than any other industrial process.

How Do You Become A Welder?

Prepare for your career in welding by taking shop, math, and science classes in high school. If your school offers a welding class, you can familiarize yourself with standard oxy-acetylene technology and assorted metal-shaping equipment. From there, you can seek further training through the military or community colleges, vocational and technical schools, and private academies that offer certificate and associate’s degree programs. Certificate programs may instruct you on specific welding technologies or a broad range of technologies, while associate’s degree programs include multiple technologies and topics like blueprint reading, drafting, metallurgy, and site safety, as well as an internship.

Different Types of Welding

There are many different types of welding that you should research and understand if you want to become a welder. Here are just a few examples:

Metal Inert Gas Welding

Also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding, MIG welding is the most common and easily mastered form of welding for home and industrial use. As stated on the Pro Welder Guide, a MIG welder can be used by novices with minimal training and forms an electric arc between a consumable wire electrode and the metal, which can include aluminum, copper, steel, nickel, magnesium, and their alloys.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Commonly referred to as arc, stick, or electric welding, SMAW is the most basic form of welding and the easiest to learn in a home setting. Using electric current to create an arc between the stick and the metals to be fused, SMAW is well suited for heavy metal size 4 millimetres and upwards, and can be employed in construction, manufacturing, and repair work.

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

Otherwise identified as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, TIG welding requires more expertise from the operator and is used when you need a superior standard of finish without excessive clean up, sanding, or grinding. A non-consumable tungsten electrode produces the weld, which is protected from atmospheric contamination by an inert shielding gas such as helium or argon. This type of welding is commonly used to bond thin pieces of stainless steel and metals like aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys.

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft is something that people have to protect themselves from, to avoid loss of possessions. However, without familiarizing yourself with specific strategies, it is difficult to discern instances in which it may occur. Thus, you should learn more about the following types of identity theft:


Oh, here it is, the most common type of identity theft, financial. Usually, the identity thief will try to steal a credit card, a loan, or purchase things by claiming to be another person. For the victim’s credit score and chances of getting a loan in the future, this kind of identity theft is damaging. As for how you can protect yourself, you can at least check your credit history frequently to check the integrity of the information. If you find any strange transactions and inquiries against you, then it indicates that someone else had access to your financials.


When suspects give away false information to the police once they are arrested, it counts as criminal identity theft. At times, criminals will acquire state-issued IDs via someone else’s credentials or a fake ID. What makes it worse is that there is a possibility that charges end up falling on the identity theft victim, while the real criminal gets away scot-free. Lastly, victims may suddenly find themselves receiving a court summons without knowledge of what went on.


When others use another person’s identifiable information to obtain medical service, insurance, and drugs, it falls under medical identity theft. Resolving these types of crimes are quite costly and complicated. Also, it ruins medical records by adding fraudulent data and results which may be difficult for the victim to process. Lastly, such inaccurate records are difficult to correct and may hinder attempts at acquiring insurance coverage and medical care provision.

Identity Cloning

Some identity thieves impersonate someone else for the sake of hiding their true identity. Various reasons drive people to do this, such as those who are hiding from creditors,  some illegal immigrants, and those who want to live anonymously. Unlike financial identity theft, identity cloning tends to remain hidden for a long time without detection. Even worse, some identity thieves get their false credentials for passing authentication tests, and it becomes more complicated thereon.


For synthetic identity theft, thieves combine a real Social Security number and a fake or mismatched name and birthdate. These are quite difficult to recognize since they do not show up on the credit reports of victims. What tends to happen is that the credit report turns into a new file in the credit bureau. Primary victims tend to be creditors who grant lines of credit.

Replacing Stolen IDs

If ever someone steals an ID of yours, you should opt for replacements immediately. And if you are managing a company, ID replacements become easier if you have ID making services. Read more about them online, as there are various services available.


There are many types of identity theft, and if you are aware of them, it is easy to identify when you are about to become a victim. Also, if you or anyone you know’s ID is stolen, particularly if it is for work, opt for a replacement immediately.

How To Succeed at Corporate Gifting

How To Succeed at Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a serious business and should remain that way in your business. As a well-formulated program, it can establish or enhance the crucial relationship between you and your clients, suppliers, business partners and employees. Let us look at the various tips to make the gifting process a success.


Studies have been conducted regarding gifting in a corporation the world over. For one, studies show that a vendor is twice likely to be contacted by a prospective client if he has a gifting program in place. It has also been shown that a client will more likely spread the word about your business to other prospects once you build a lasting relationship with them. Get the right gifts from high end corporate gifts wholesale suppliers in Singapore to make this aspect a reality.

Gifting vs. Giving Incentives

One of the top confusions that corporate have is distinguishing between these two programs. Although you give gifts and incentives to the same recipients, the two differ on a practical as well as a strategic level. You give an incentive as a reward for achieving a certain level in an activity, for example, good attendance. Gifts are more spontaneous, and you don’t give them as a part of a pre-arranged plan between you and the recipient.

The Ethics of Giving Corporate Gifts

Before you give out gifts, you need to understand the underlying policies of the company. Some companies don’t allow giving of gifts due to the sensitivity of their operations. The restrictions might touch on the value of the gift as well as the situation in which a gift can be given.

You should not give gifts in the middle of a bidding process. This will tell the public that you are trying to influence the direction of the bidding, which isn’t acceptable at all. You are also not expected to shower your clients with lavish gifts because this might be considered suspect. You might be required to justify the reason for doing it. The best option is to go for simple gifts that are meaningful.

Don’t create a wrong impression with your gift. Anything that might end up embarrassing the recipient or cause a reprimand might sabotage a relationship.

The Etiquette of Gifting

The process of giving gifts is an art in itself. You need to consider various issues before you deliver the gift to the recipient. First, you need to take care and make sure the gift is appropriate to the relationship you have with the client. For instance, don’t get too personal with a gift if the client is still new. Additionally, if the client seems aloof and business-like all the time, the wrong gift might make the situation worse.

You should also know the perfect timing for giving the gift. The best time is seemingly during the holidays, but any other time can have a profound effect on the relationship due to the surprise. Important dates in your business such as an anniversary or the time when you reach a certain milestone might be a good time to give the gift. You can also use completion of a project to give out a gift to the recipient.

You need to decide whether to customize the gift or not. Adding a logo and the company slogan keeps the gift in the mind of the recipient. When the gift is a practical item that will be used on a daily basis, it amounts to free advertising.

In Closing

It takes proper planning and knowing the right etiquette to give the perfect corporate gift. Make sure you understand the needs of the client before deciding on the perfect gift.

Asset Management for Business Premises

Asset Management for Business Premises

Assets come in different types. One of the top assets that contribute to the ultimate survival of your business is your physical assets. Top on the list is your real estate – buildings and premises that you own as a company. A professional asset management company helps monitor these properties to your benefit. The process refers to a methodical course of action that involves identifying, maintaining, upgrading and then disposing of the assets in a cost-effective manner.

Buying a property as a business is a great decision, but many owners ignore these assets once they purchase them. Renting out the property doesn’t mean you sit back and just wait for rent at the end of the month – you need to keep track of your properties all the time. If you are too busy to do it, enlist the services of an independent asset management company for this task. What do you benefit by doing this?

Less Stress

The company handles all the stress that comes with managing your property. They do all the work for you and make sure you get the perfect returns from this investment. You don’t have to worry about anything relating to the property, all you have to do is wait for a periodic report regarding the specific property from the company.

Enjoy a Hands-off Approach

It is not usually advisable to go for a hands-off approach when handling your property, but with the right team on the ground, you can comfortably achieve this. All you need is to take the responsibility of the managing the property off your hands and delegate it to a team that has the right skills to do all the work. You enjoy the benefits that come with passive income without handling the stresses that come with being a property manager.

Avoid Financial Issues

The asset management team deals with all the financial implications that relate to the asset. For instance, you don’t have to deal with the tax implications of premises in another town or city. The company is in good terms with all the parties responsible for the needs of the premises, which means you don’t have to spend a lot moving from office to office when there is someone who can handle the issue for you at a lower cost. This saves you a lot of cash.

The team can monitor and enforce compliance, both within the business requirements and with local and national licensing. You don’t have to worry about penalties that come due to late payment or non-payment of licenses.

Improve Asset Management Processes and Strategies

Often the simple act of monitoring these assets yields unexpected insight into different issues. You might identify various assets that you aren’t using to maximum potential. You also identify entire assets that aren’t being utilized at all. Using the proper asset management team can lead to change in the course of managing fixed assets within the business.

What is Your Role?

Your role as the owner of the business is to identify the right asset management company and give them the mandate to handle your assets. You also need to provide all the necessary information to jumpstart the process. The company will charge you a fee for the process, but the returns will be worth the amount you spend.

Final Words

It doesn’t a take a long time to start enjoying the fruits of proper asset management techniques. Going for an in-house team might take longer than expected; the best route is to go with a company that offers these specialized services. You get to focus on other important aspects of your business and leave asset management to a team that has the expertise and skills.

4 Reasons to Begin Tumblr Marketing

4 Reasons to Begin Tumblr Marketing

If your company still is not using Tumblr as part of its marketing platform, then now may be a good time to start. After all, it is a perfect combination of various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Here are a few reasons why you should begin Tumblr marketing:

Showcase Your Creativity

As said earlier, Tumblr combines various forms of social media, so it allows you to showcase your creativity. You can experiment with whatever is popular or innovate on a new craft, to acquire the attention of followers. Also, you can make your content become more noticeable, through visually-oriented posts such as gifs. What makes it great is that there are different functions that Tumblr has that are not available on other social media sites. Thus, you can leverage your creativity by producing blog posts that are visually stimulating and interesting, which will allow your business to stand above the rest.

Establish Your Brand

Tumblr specializes in the use of gifs and images, thus, allowing you to establish your brand by promoting your company’s feel and looks. Furthermore, people tend to associate companies with logos, which makes visual content crucial. Also, experts say that people tend to connect more with images rather than audio, video or text. After all, these elicit a response faster than when users read. Overall, if you wish to establish your brand, opt for images rather than text, since your followers prefer them too.

A Younger Population

The 18-24 age group in Tumblr has the highest amount of users. Thus, if you have products that cater to a younger audience, you may benefit from marketing here rather than in other social media platforms. Furthermore, other social media sites are gradually decreasing in popularity among teenagers, so you may not succeed in selling your products there, compared to Tumblr.

Higher Marketing Potential

Marketing on Tumblr can net you higher potential benefits compared to other social media sites. After all, it has characteristics that make it stand out from the others. Click here if you are curious about how you can take advantage of the platform to help your business grow.


Tumblr is an impressive social media platform for business marketing. With a platform that makes the most out of images and gifs, you can showcase your creativity. Thanks to its visually-oriented options, you can establish your brand there. Furthermore, you can target a younger population for your advertising. Lastly, Tumblr has higher marketing potential than other social media sites due to these factors.