How Do Drones Work?


While drones are one of the hottest new toys for adults and children, they have actually been around for quite some time. These high-tech toys have been used by clean-up crews, security staff, the government and photographers for several years. Their intriguing designs and advanced features makes them far more desirable than a regular remote-control helicopter.

Modern drones are complex machines with a lot of different uses. While there are dozens of different body types, sizes and attachments, most drones have the same components. Most have tiny little engines and powerful turbines that keep the soaring high above the sky. A GPS tracker and flight-control system allow hobbyists to navigate through the skies. High-quality cameras allow people to easily see everything going on in the sky right on their smartphone.

Each of these components uses the latest technology and fits together perfectly. Whether you are planning on building your own custom drone or just want to know more about how this popular hobby works, here is a quick breakdown of each part and the role it plays.

  •         Flight-Control System – While this device may sound like a small disc, it actually takes up most of the space on the drone. Each system includes everything you need to fly, from the peripherals t the modem. There are several different varieties of systems based around the type of drone being used. Like any central computer system, these parts can be built from scratch, but most people choose to purchase a kit.
  •         Sensors – Making sure the drone is flying correctly is important. Sensors are used to identify potential risks around the drone during flight. Everything the sensors pick up is processed by the flight-control system. While the user does see some sensor data, most of these details aren’t reported or tracked.
  •         GPS Tracking – Almost all drones have some form of GPS, even toys. In order to track the movement of the drone, a small GPS chip is included somewhere in the design. The technology enables several features, but it is mostly used by the flight-control system to see how high the drone is off the ground.
  •         Receiver – In order for the drone to receive commands from an external controller, a receiver needs to be included in the design. The receiver is tuned to a specific frequency so that it can communicate with the remote control. Range can very quiet a bit, but sophisticated systems can allow drones to be miles away from their controller. Most toys use short-range frequencies, similar to a walkie talkie. Advanced hobbyists may work towards achieving a farther range, but they should be prepared to pay the price.
  •         Transmitter – This is the part the hobbyist is using to control the drone. Most toy drones use a small plastic controller with simple commands. Higher-end models may turn the user’s smartphone into a transmitter. There are several different ways to set this system up, depending on how you want to control the device.
  •         Electric Motor – While gas-powered motors aren’t unheard of, especially in larger drones, most toys and household drones keep it simple. Small electric motors power the drone and keep everything moving while in flight. When not in use, simply turn off the drone and attach it to a charging device. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of different choices when it comes to drone motors, each one offering different amounts of power and range.

While there are many other components to drones, such as bases, propellers, and casing, the key features custom drone makers are worried about are listed above.

Build from Scratch or Just Buy?

People who are trying to get into the hobby should look for a complete kit or a cool drone like the one at http://www.rotorcopters.com/traxxas-latrax-alias/. There are several small components of a drone and the cost of building from scratch can quickly add up. Knowing a little more about how your new drone works will allow you to make custom upgrades later.

Drones can be a great hobby for people of all ages. Whether you are trying find an interesting way to spend the day or want to show off to your friends, knowing the inner workings of your drone can help make it happen.


Wedding Memories

7 Top Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful with activities such as finding the venue, the right outfits, reaching to out to guests and ensuring that everything goes on as planned. The activities can be overwhelming, and some couples end up having average weddings because they wear out before the big day comes. Your wedding does not have to be generic and an everyday experience to your family and friends. You should have a ceremony that will always be fresh on the minds of the guests forever. The following are the simple tips to make your wedding more memorable and unique.

Sending invitations

I know you have received quite many wedding invitations and they look the same from far. One thing about generic invitations is that they always have a pre-designed template that you fill some details and send it over to your guests. Such invites can get boring but adding a creative touch can make a huge difference. Employ your creativity and give your guests a reason not to fail to attend your ceremony. Being creative does not mean that you should incur a lot of money on the invitation or make it fancy. Just give the guest a personal touch to show them that you are addressing them as individuals rather than a group.

Creative guestbook

Signing a guest book is an important part of the wedding ceremony so that you can evaluate the attendees in future and offset pending bills. Most weddings will have a traditional guest book where guests will append their signature. Not many people will ever remember that they signed a guestbook, but if it is unique, it will always be on their minds. If you are traveling enthusiast, you can let your guests sign on a globe. You can also have a map of your area or country and let the guests sign against their places of residence.

Seating arrangement

When you attend most of the weddings, you will note that the sitting arrangement is always predetermined. There will be a section for the couple and their maids and best men, parents and family sections and the friend’s section. You can challenge the conventional sitting arrangement and come up with a unique arrangement that will make everyone feel like part of the ceremony. You can have the seats arranged in a circular pattern surrounding you. Such an arrangement will make the event more intimate and will ensure that every guest has a good view of you.

The cake

Do you want people to remember your wedding as the one having six layers of cakes? Such a feature will not make it memorable because they may have attended another one with twelve layers. It is not the size of the cake that will make the wedding memorable, but it is preparation and theme around it. If the two of you love camping, think about cake decorations around that theme. If you are a fan of biking, the theme of the cake can also be around that. Allow your creativity, tastes and preferences inspire the theme, and the event will always be memorable.

Superb entertainment

Most people use weddings as a platform to shower you with praises and say how much you are caring and loving. It is a good session but having wedding-themed entertainment will make the wedding one of a kind. You should have a professional company entertain you and your guests during your big day. Having a wedding singer who understands different wedding set ups is one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding. You can have someone who can play souls, pop, disco, and rock songs and let you have the best moment of your life. Do not let the fun slip as you can check it out for yourself and see what makes a great wedding singer and evaluate what suits your wedding ceremony.

Aisle style

A custom aisle will make your ceremony unique and different from the rest. Most people just splash flowers all over the place and think that the aisle will appear to be amazing which is not always the case. If you do not want to spend so much on the aisle, you can decide to arrange the flowers in particular patterns. You can also include important dates and photos from the past as milestones on the isle. Such photos will create a lasting memory in the minds of the guests and help them create a mental image of your love journey.

Arrive in style

For a long time, limousines have always been viewed as the ultimate vehicles for ferrying the bride and groom. These vehicles are elegant, but they also seem to be so common, and as such, they do not seem to create an excitement nowadays. What about a horse-drawn carriage or a trolley? Seems like a good idea as long as the two of you agree that they are good for your ceremony. You have to consider the design of your outfit when choosing your grand entry means. It can be embarrassing when decide to peddle a bicycle while you are wearing an outfit that is very tight.

There may be other ideas to make your wedding memorable but the above all the main ones. You can even decide to have an outfit change to suit the occasion. Some clothes are fit for the altar while others are most suited for the reception. You can also decide to have a traditional or modern wedding ceremony depending on your upbringing and tastes.


Dealing With Storage and Hotel Stays As a Student

Dealing With Storage and Hotel Stays As a Student

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Have you ever been forced to move all of your belongings to a storage unit while waiting for tenants to move out of your new place? And because you are essentially homeless, albeit temporarily, you’re forced to rent a room at a hotel until the home is available. I know how crazy this sounds, but this is a normal occurrence for many college students when their leases are up.

I wish I could say it gets easier each time, but each experience is just as stressful and frustrating. The only positive part is understanding the process.

I’ve moved every year since I moved out of the dorms. If only leases were renewable so I didn’t have to find a new place to live each year, but that’s the way things work in some college towns.

However, rather than complaining about what I can’t change or cursing the situation, here are some ways I’ve learned to cope with the process so it’s not so stressful.

Dealing With Storage

So first let’s deal with the mini move to the storage unit. I always look for a company that provides twenty-four hour access and is centrally located, like Smartlock Storage. I used a different company for a previous move, and that location locked up at sunset. Now that was an inconvenience.

Besides the ability to enter by way of a gate code, I appreciate companies that provide monthly pest control spraying, online bill pay so I can pay from my phone or computer, and month-to-month leasing. Facilities with cameras and security guards would be ideal, but I haven’t found a storage company that provides this yet.

The Hotel Stay

While living in a hotel for a few days, or weeks in some cases, isn’t ideal, if you pretend that you’re a tourist on vacation that may help speed up the wait time. Consider it an opportunity to experience your city through new eyes. Or if it’s a new city to you, take advantage of the time to explore.

If playing tourist doesn’t interest you, you can always decorate the hotel with familiar items so it feels more like home. My pillow always travels with me, and I like to place a few framed photos on the nightstand.

Or you can simply rest before dealing with the craziness of a new semester. Take the time to catch up on the sleep you lost while you stayed up late with friends.

Also consider the positive aspects of hotel living:


    • someone makes your bed and cleans your living area daily


    • fresh towels, sheets, and miniature toiletries


    • free meals and ice (some hotels even provide breakfast and dinner. A few even have kitchenettes available if your prefer cooking your own food.)


Coordinating the Move

A day or two before the move-in day, make sure you figure out how you’ll take your items from storage. Bring help if necessary.

Also, don’t forget to communicate with your roommates and the landlord of your new home to confirm the date and time of the move. There’s nothing more awkward than arriving at the location while the previous tenants are still there.

In addition, if you and your roommates arrive together, you’ll have help with the heavier items. Moving is much more tolerable with friends.

Once the walk through is complete and the rental agreement is signed, you can start adding personal touches to your new home, such as photos and wall decor. No matter how long you’ll stay at the home, it’s important to make your living space as enjoyable as possible.

Moving is never easy, particularly if you’re stuck waiting on others. Try to see the positive aspects of the situation. Or just chalk it up to another life experience. The more you’re able to adapt to situations and make the most of them, you’ll grow in character and perseverance.

Dealing with this type of situation is just practice for the real world. If you can handle moving successfully, you’ll be a step ahead of many others.

Industrial Inks- Why is CIJ Still the Best-Selling Coding Solution?

CIJ, continuous inkjet, technology was a concept way back in the 1950s. It wasn’t until the 1970s that inkjet printers were introduced. Since that time, CIJ technology exponentially evolved, making the standard and the best-selling coding technology on the market. Continuous Inkjet is still the most chosen coding option across several industries.

It’s amazing that what might be considered antiquated has continually evolved and kept up with the growing age of technology over the years. CIJ isn’t just continuous printing technology, but a printing technology that continuously evolves.

It’s a good thing that this industrial inkjet technology continually adapts because with the increase in the demand for traceability for various products across industries, that need must be met with high-quality printing on a huge range of products.

CIJ is a Standard

CIJ is on top of the coding options for several reasons:

  • Low cost – Continuous inkjet printing saves ink and uses it carefully to ensure the most prints can be produced with a given volume of ink and any additives needed. CIJ is especially suitable for industries and products that require high volume printing. It offers the lowest cost for the maximum prints, while ensuring high-quality printing.
  • Substrate versatility – The versatility of CIJ printing means it can be used on almost any material. CIJ ink manufacturers research, create, and manufacture inks suitable for CIJ printers that are compatible with a wide variety of materials and processes. There aren’t many substrates where CIJ printing cannot be used. Even materials that are curved, flat, folded, or oddly shaped can be printed on using the non-contact process of continuous inkjet printing.
  • Ink Versatility – The versatility of continuous inkjet printing extends to the variety of inks it is capable of using for different types of coding and printing, which is crucial to the standard set for being viable from the time of imprinting through the product’s lifecycle.
  • Easy to use – Not only are CIJ printers easy to use, they are also easy to setup and to maintain. It takes only a little training to help workers learn to use this technology. Very little user interaction is required in this printing technology.
  • Print quality – The printing quality of CIJ allows printers to enhance the quality of coding and packaging for customers. This is important because barcodes and other coding types must be readable and verifiable according to industry standards.
  • Durability – Continuous inkjet systems are capable of enduring harsh environments. Low temperatures and dust are two things that CIJ printers often face in their work settings. Its durability means it will function in virtually any factory environment, providing high-quality, high-grade coding on the production line.
  • Barcoding – Besides high-quality printing, CIJ printers excel at barcoding. Barcodes are used to trace and/or market products, which are standards in this industry, making proper barcoding essential.
  • Date and lot coding is essential – No matter what industry you work in, nearly all products require a form of lot coding or date coding. You don’t see many, if any, products without some type of coding.
  • Fast-drying – Because continuous inkjet printers can be used with so many different types of inks, solvents, and additives, it provides a fast-drying, color-fast, and ideal adherence to a variety of substrates. Why is the drying time so important? When printing along high-speed production lines, fast-drying inks prevent smearing, smudging, and bleeding.

Since the goal of any factory with a production line is to keep that line moving, CIJ is truly a continuous printing solution. It’s continuously evolving and improving with new technology, it continuously moves along production lines (even those considered high speed production lines), and it continuously prints and recycles ink.

When choosing your industrial inkjet inks, make sure you’re getting the highest quality inks that will reduce the need for printhead maintenance. Quality inkjet inks also leave little to no residue, sediment, or sludge behind to clean up.

Essentially, the takeaway from this information is that CIJ printers provide the most effective and efficient process for products across virtually every industry. It makes sense that it’s still the best-selling industrial inkjet technology used today. Before you choose your ideal coding technology for your factory environment, it’s important to know and understand the usefulness of CIJ.