Reasons to Buy a Gaming Monitor

Having an elite gaming monitor can do leaps and bounds for a gamer. They have a better experience playing the game and they also have more of a chance for success. As a matter of fact, an above average monitor can achieve this more so than a high-definition television. Down below are some of the reasons why this is a decision every gaming fan should make.

Input Lag

Whether it’s present in a first person shooter or a fighting game, input lag can be a major pain for gamers to deal with. Input lag is the result of the screen having a slight delay from the time a button is pressed on the controller. In other words, the game doesn’t seem to react to the button press. However, in reality, it’s the monitor that causes the problem. When playing online, it can become impossible to defeat another player if this is constantly happening. This is where gaming monitors have an advantage over any other source (such as televisions) as they are designed to have as little input lag as possible.

Eye Strain

Eye strain can be a huge issue if one is staring at a screen for an extended period of time. For some gamers, they will game for hours on end. To protect eyes from damage, some gaming monitors are built with FlickerFree and Low Blue Light technology. The former will eliminate the flickering of the screen no matter the brightness level. The latter happens to reduce a significant amount of the blue light spectrum. By implementing both of these technologies, gaming monitors can actually be safer to use than any other source.

The Price

If the entire intent of an HD television is to partake in modern gaming, then a lot of money is being wasted. In general, a gaming monitor is going to be cheaper than an HD television. Of course, the more features included on a monitor (and better performance) will make them more expensive. However, they still (more times than not) won’t cost as much as a superb television. Plus, they offer features that televisions don’t offer for gamers. It’s simple unless a television is going to be used for multiple purposes, go with a gaming monitor.

Higher Refresh Rate

As many gaming fans know, the higher the refresh rate is on their display the better the experience. The refresh rate determines how many times the screen will refresh itself in one second. The higher this is, the smoother the gameplay will be. Also, the motion blur is significantly reduced. In certain games (especially if they are being played online), a low refresh rate can lead to the game being unbearable to play.

Every single modern gaming fan is doing themselves a disservice by not owning a gaming monitor. To be honest, when it comes to playing games on a monitor, there are very few disadvantages present. In short, if something holds numerous advantages over the competition and happens to be cheaper, as well, it should be chosen over the rest. For more info on one of the best models available, visit Armchair Empire.