Baby To The Seaside

Taking You Baby To The Seaside – Practical Tips For Protection

The sea calls for you whenever the summertime kicks in. You probably think that your baby can also benefit from a little sun, water and fun. Wallowing in a few inches of water can be godly, yet a few inches are more than enough to keep you worried and alert. Believe it or not, kids between 12 and 36 months of age are exposed to multiple drowning risks. To a baby, there are plenty of attractions, sounds and noises that they can enjoy. As a parent, you want them safe, so pay attention to a few tips.

Stay Close to Your Baby

Always be close enough to your baby in order to grab them. Never lose them from your sight, even if they are only a feet or two away from the seaside. Babies can drown in just a few inches of water, so you have to be careful. A few seconds of inattention are already too much.

Stay Away from Inflatable Pools

Inflatable pools might look safe at first. You know that you baby cannot go farther than their margins. But then, they are extremely dangerous. A baby can easily bend and turn with the feet in the air inside an inflatable pool. Babies can also escape these pools. Keep an eye on your little one and always empty the pool after using it.

First Aid Lessons

If you think that you know a few tips on first aid, you are wrong. You might be surprised by how many things you can learn at such a course. As a parent, you should certainly go through a few first aid courses before taking your kid to the seaside. It is never too late. Sign up for such a course and enjoy the well deserved peace of mind.

The Optimal Age to Take Your Baby to the Bach

You can take the baby to the beach at any age. However, specialists recommend special attention for babies younger than six months. They must be completely protected against the sunlight – not 75%, not 90%, but 100% protection. The baby’s skin is extremely delicate and can burn within 10 minutes, even if the sky is cloudy. Also, avoid going out between 11AM and 4PM.

Protecting the Baby Against the Sunlight

If you want to take a walk with your baby in their stroller on the seafront, use the right UV sunscreen. A parasol is mandatory. Such things provide a top-notch protection against UV rays (SPF 50+). They also keep insects away.

Once on the beach, choose a place with natural shade. A professional UV tent is even better for the baby. Most of these things are easy to carry and install. Do not forget about the trees on the beach. Babies can feel cold right away. If the weather is windy, protect the baby’s eyes against sand gusts.


In the end, a little attention will work wonders on your baby. You might look paranoid, but these things are essential for a solid protection.